View Full Version : Credibility crisis for the media

03-28-2012, 05:18 PM
The media faces a credibility crisis if ethics are not discussed, spin doctor Chris Vick said in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

"The weaker a newsroom the easier it is for people like me to run circles around you," Vick told a SA National Editors' Forum (Sanef) debate on "SA Media in an Ethical Spin?"

He referred to reports of journalists being paid to either write favourable stories, or to make sure unfavourable stories were not written.

"Isolated cases give the impression that there is corruption and so people like me can move in.


I think the biggest crisis in the media is the lack of skills.

You have these young bucks acting as journalists, when they should still be interns, who have less than nothing between their two ears, sprouting on about their very 'learned' opinions. We need to get those old school journalists back that Naspers let go because they were over 40, to train this pack of idiots.

The media industry is also not attracting top skills as it doesn't pay well. All the smart guys are, rightly so, going where the money is and training to become CAs etc.