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04-02-2012, 11:05 AM
Cell C is South Africa’s third cell network after Vodacom and MTN, and the first cellular provider operating a dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz network, with over 7,4-million subscribers according to recent reports in Business Day and myadsl. Cell C is owned by 3C Telecommunications, which is 60% owned by Oger Telecom South Africa, a division of Saudi Oger; 25% owned in an unencumbered holding by CellSAf, (a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment entity representing over 30 black empowerment companies and trusts), and 15% by Lanun Securities SA (Lanun is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Oge Ltd).

Cell C's network will have 97% population coverage by end of 2011 includingCell C's network carries over 87% of its traffic on its own network, with the balance catered for by Vodacom. data coverage. Cell C had completed its technological migration to a new sophisticated core switching network so the network can cope with any unprecedented traffic demand. Roaming agreements exist with over 550 telecommunications operators in more than 187 countries. GPRS roaming services are available on some 286 roaming partner networks in over 117 countries.

Cell C has spent over R5-billion (US$660 million) on its state of the art HSPA+. The network supports speeds up to 21 MB/s and 42MB/s, and is available in most parts of South Africa. The 900 MHz band has been re-farmed to provider greater coverage compared to other operators. Despite all of the recent upgrades, there are still areas of urban Johannesburg that do not have adequate signal.

Source: Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_C)


More information:

Cell C (Pty) Ltd is one of three mobile network operators in South Africa. It offers products and services to more than 7 million customers. With a network capable of providing voice, data and multimedia communications, the company is committed to delivering to subscribers a full range of GSM services, based on the key principles of affordability, accessibility and value for money. Launched in November 2001, Cell C has rolled out more than 2,600 base stations nationwide and carries over 87% of its own traffic. The network operator has roaming agreements with 519 telecommunications operators in 181 countries worldwide. Cell C is South Africa's most empowered telecommunications company in terms of equity ownership, preferential procurement, employment equity and enterprise and skills development.

Early 2011, Cell C sold off its 50% stake in Virgin Mobile (http://mybroadband.co.za/news/telecoms/18353-cell-c-selling-stake-in-virgin-mobile.html), but continues to work with the company as a network partner.

Also in 2011 Cell C went through a major brand overhaul; rebranding the company from red to black and white. Additionally, local comedian, Trevor Noah, became fully integrated into their marketing campaign - using comedy and tongue-in-cheek jabs at competitors (http://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/25901-embarassing-revelation-in-vodacom-versus-cell-c-case.html) as a foothold into re-establishing itself into the market.

Source: Wikipedia (http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/213919-Cell-C)