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04-18-2012, 10:44 AM
Patrick Craven, COSATUís National Spokesperson, has been working for the federation since May 2000, when he was appointed as editor of their magazine, The Shopsteward and other publications. He was also working closely with the National Spokespersons, in writing press statements and giving interviews to the media. One three occasions, he was acting National Spokesperson, in one case for a whole year.

He was promoted to the post of National Spokesperson in 2006 and has been in overall control of all the federationís relations with the media - writing and editing statements, arranging and chairing press conferences, doing TV and radio interviews and arranging interviews with the national office bearers, keeping the media informed of COSATUís activities and policies, ensuring media coverage of major COSATU events.

He has also been involved in other aspect of COSATUís communications strategy, including:

Liaising with the Labour-Community Radio Project;
Representing COSATU on the Board of the Workersí World Media Productions;
Representing COSATU in the Save our SABC Coalition
Serving on a Department of Communications Task Team to look into future broadcasting policy.

Source (http://www.cosatu.org.za/docs/intropages/2009/webcont0709b.html)