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02-02-2012, 07:52 PM
Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu has called for sustainable growth and development in the mining sector to "ensure the speedy realisation of government's transformation objectives".

This, she said, was in order "to accommodate the groups yearning for inclusion within the mainstream economy, which still reflects the pre-1994 demographic dominance of certain groups".

Shabangu was addressing the opening of the McClosky Southern African Coal Exports conference on Thursday in Cape Town.

"South Africa has about 49 million citizens, more than 50 percent of them women. Despite the good intentions of the transformation laws, women are still not properly represented in the sector.

"Continued reliance of the sector on the previously advantaged 20 percent of the population, obsessed with a bottom line approach at the expense of national objectives, has undermined the objectives of this sector," said Shabangu, adding that those who remain marginalized in the economy must be included in the sector.

Source: http://www.buanews.gov.za/news/12/12020212151001

02-03-2012, 01:46 PM
Transform into what? In many countries there's a bunch of people at the top hoarding the assets of a country for their own benefit. So do you want to change the colour of that group to make it the black upper-class hoarding those assets and filling their coffers :D?