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    Gold price winner

    Hi folks

    I am glad to announce the winner for the gold price competition:


    You may wonder why Kotesh won when there were closer predictions, but the closer ones were at a later stage (hence giving them an advantage). Kotesh entered on Monday, and was very close considering when he entered.

    Kotesh please PM your courier details to Simone on MyBroadband.

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    Aug 2010
    Well done!

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    Well done and Congrats. And good call by MyBB, result was done fairly.

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    Congrats !!!

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    Congrats to Kotesh.

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    Oh, rpm what was the actual price (gold price that is)?

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    me, mee!!? arrrggghhh, congrats <insert name other than nelwa here>

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    Thanks a lot. This is first time I won something from Mybroadband.
    Thanks Guys for the wishes.
    Rudolph, will send a PM.
    Last edited by kotesh; 03-05-2012 at 01:18 PM.

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    PM Sent.
    Thanks once again.

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    Enjoy, and congrats!

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