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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudolph Muller View Post
    Yes indeed.
    Thank you.

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    Capitec. The bestest. :-) I have been with Absa, Standard Bank and Nedbank.

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    Capitec is the best! I've tried the others.

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    standard bank

    standard bank

    not too bad
    bit high fee's but never had any issue...touch wood

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    Just going over the results it looks like FNB or Capitec are the best banks in South Africa. Looks like it about time I finally bite the bullet and move from ABSA. I don't think I have heard a bad word about FNB in the last few years. Good for them May they be as good to me when I move from ABSA as they have been to all my friends.

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    FNB rocks... moved from standard bank a few years back, and never looked back....

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    Fnb -- ftw!

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    Standard Bank = +8/10 Served me well sofar.
    No "Surprise Fees" with them, and all features I've used work well.

    ABSA = -1/10 (They will take your last cent and then charge you a fee for taking it)

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    Have moved from ABSA to Nedbank.

    What a wonderfull experience

    Service = Excellent
    Bank Costs = Been declining and seriosuly not expensive compared to what I paid at ABSA
    Applications ect = Never experienced any issues
    New features = Some nice new features coming out.
    Internet Banking = Safe with the new approve one time payments system.

    Ill gladly give them a 9 out of 10

    As for FNB I had a very bad expierence with them and will never bank with them.
    Sorry dont know STD bank at all.

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    I voted for FNB, I have been with them for a long time now (I'm guessing around 18 years)

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