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    Voice over data is inevitable: Knott-Craig

    Voice over data and lower mobile call rates

    New Cell C CEO, Alan Knott-Craig says that voice being carried over data is inevitable - and that it will bring about significant price cuts.

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    OK, we all know this, but when will Cell C be implementing this?

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    When they are forced to. No one in this game is going to intentionally move to a cheaper option - they'll want to make money for as long as possible.

    And that's not an evil thing by the way (at least if you're a shareholder ).

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    I would like to see a company offer cheap international roaming in SA (and hopefully wangle a reciprocal deal) - sure its a smallish source of revenue, but it can easily lead to huge PR. Cell C, why not - I doubt you really make any money on roaming as it is - kick the big boys in the teeth again

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    well Mr Knott-Craig stop the talk, and walk the walk now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bern View Post
    OK, we all know this, but when will Cell C be implementing this?
    and making it viable too

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