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    Telkom-KT Corp deal bad news for SA's mobile operators

    Telkom-KT Corp deal bad news for Vodacom and MTN: analyst

    Analyst argued that a Telkom-KT Corp deal will be good news for consumers, but bad news for other telecoms players in South Africa

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    Please buy in to Telkom KT

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    Giyose argued that KT Corp will import their low margin and low return model to South Africa, which is good news for consumers but bad news for shareholders.
    Good. A few lean years seems to be fitting, especially after the lucrative ones they've had.

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    “Because this country started pretty late in building super-high capacity infrastructure, I guess the operators…were pretty much used to the margins [on data] they enjoyed from voice,” argued Knott-Craig.
    Did AKC just finally admit that VC under his guidance basically screwed us on data pricing 'cos they were greedy?

    No wonder Vodacom steadfastly refused to lower data prices despite Seacom changing the game .. now we know why all those pleas to lower data prices fell of deaf ears. Vodacom, amongst others, was too 'used to the profits' to change their business model from low volume high prices to high volume low prices.

    See now why I say this man cannot be trusted to champion for consumers?

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    Sure smacks like consumers have been fleeced... and it still feels like we are being fleeced

    So if KTC can get it right, I say let's throw down the red carpet

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    Bring it on TKC We need a improvement

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    Telkom needs all the help they can get - I hope the deal goes through.

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