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    Wealthy less likely to play games or use Twitter

    Wealthier people are less likely than the poor to play games or tweet on their smartphones, a study has found.

    Those who earn more than 90,000 a year tend to use their mobiles for looking at news, travel or finance apps rather than wasting time gaming.

    The researchers said that the older and richer you get the more assets you have and the more you need to keep up to date on your finances and current events.

    But the findings run in sharp contrast to smartphone usage a whole, which is dominated by social networking and games.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencete...#ixzz1qxW8nGgf
    Makes sense to me.

    The wealthier members of society are too busy making money to Tweet about their lunch plans.

    Bit of a sad state of affairs - now that they have the money to have a blast they don't have the time .

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    They don't care about PR, as long as they make more money, they are happy

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    I'd be the same though ... if I could make a few million in the next hour or play a game I'd go for the dosh .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon_Void View Post
    They don't care about PR, as long as they make more money, they are happy
    I think you have hit the nail on the head here. Time is money, why play games and tell people what you had for breakfast

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    Quote Originally Posted by franharris89 View Post
    Well, if they are rich, then they need to show everyone how rich they are, and Social Media is so 'middle class'. Much better to drive up to the Golf club in your Rolls Royce so that the other 1% can see you better.
    Hell yes! Where's my Rolls .

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    Quote Originally Posted by robt View Post
    Hell yes! Where's my Rolls .
    In my gararge

    Contact me then

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