Tealeaf is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) software company. Its CX line of products capture website interaction from the actual users' perspectives.

Tealeaf's products are used to provide visibility into the online customer experience by capturing, analyzing and replaying details of customers' visits to find site errors or issues and understand the impact that transaction failures have on business processes.

Tealeaf was founded by Robert Wenig, Randi Barshack, and Igor Tsyganskiy in November 1999 as an independent spin-off of SAP AG. In developing web-based software for SAP, Wenig found it very difficult to reproduce problems reported by users. He came up with the idea that web sites could have a "black box" similar to an airplane cockpit voice recorder to understand what happened in any user visit. He developed software to record all the dynamically generated HTML at the network level and store it for later searching and visual replay. While the technology was originally created to assist software developers the technology has since been adapted for use by business users, call centers and legal compliance groups within organizations.

Source: Wikipedia