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    Great looking forum. Keen to see developments.

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    Excellent work from RPM & Gareth side Nice seeing a new website re-launched with a new design and already Christmas has started early given away an iPad - if I win I will make sure to bookmark Business Tech and be an active member but brand plus goes to Cara Marketing Lady & RPM for giving away an iPad 2 this is a unique launch day Thank you to RPM for employing Gareth - hope he keeps us up-to-date and our eyes hooked on Business Tech - Happy Birthday 0days

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    Jan 2012
    Truly looking forward to being selected as a winner of this awesome piece of technology!
    I've been wanting one for such a long time now

    Here's hoping the universe answers my prayers and grants me my wish

    PS: This would be a great birthday present as my birthday is on the 21st of January

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    Lightbulb Just entered!

    Just registered to the website, and commented on posts under Business News! great articles, thank you!

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    All the people trying to win an iPad, haha, i would like to win too!

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    Jan 2012
    Nice way to launch this fantastic site and forum!

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    As most others are, I too would LOVE to win a new iPad, particularly as my 5 year old laptop is about to give up the ghost, and current cashflow does not leave any room to purchase a replacement!

    I'm also looking forward to receiving business news etc. from your new site.

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    Jan 2012
    Well, I need to get my wife a present for her birthday and I'm unemployed. I don't think anyone knows what a crap feeling that is. I would really be delighted to win this prize for her.

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    Guess we all here for the iPads.. lol!

    We'll here's to luck.. To the new website/forum & to my post and hope I'll be winning an iPad 2!

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    Now if I could get these forums loaded into Tapatalk ... , (sigh)

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