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    Samsung Galaxy Tab winner: Design a broadband service

    Hi folks

    I am glad to announce the winner of the recent ‘Put your money where your mouth is” competition:

    --PsyClown for his After-hours uncapped (ADSL) suggestion

    Can you please check your PM for details on how to get your prize

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    If you have not won this time around, check out our new competition: http://businesstech.co.za/forum/show...ung-Galaxy-Tab

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    Congrats! What are the details of the suggestion?

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    Congrats indeed! It must be a great gadget to own.

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    Well done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niren_M View Post
    Congrats! What are the details of the suggestion?
    Details here: http://businesstech.co.za/forum/show...ns-Please-vote

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    *edit* disregard this post, I suck coffee from my mug.
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    Gratz on the prize it is a cool gadget and great for browsing the internet on

    After using the Tab and trying my Samsung Galaxy S again I find its screen looks tiny lol

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    Congrats! Enjoy your new toy!

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    Congrats dude!

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