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    Exclamation Put your money where your mouth is win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

    This week we have an interesting competition: Many people feel that they can do better than the cellular operators or ISPs to build innovative broadband packages. It is now the time to put your money where your mouth is:

    To Enter

    Design an ADSL product (bundles ADSL access and ISP, or only a data package) or a mobile/wireless data product which you think people would want.

    Please note that the service must be attractive for both consumers and companies (companies must therefore be keen to launch this service as they will make money).

    Multiple entries allowed (please post one idea per post).


    The best idea will win a 7’’ Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the runner up will win an iPod Shuffle. The winner will be selected by two industry players which will vote on the most feasible and realistic idea.

    Important advice

    Please don’t simply cut prices (like uncapped for R100) – the idea is that you design a cool service which will still have some margin for ISPs or cellular operators, and at the same time will be attractive to users. Consumers and companies must therefore benefit.

    The competition will close on Friday 17 February

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    Sample entry

    Mobile data package for tablet PC owners

    10 GB data bundle with a data life span of 12 months for R999.

    It is better value for money than the usual pricing for 1GB x 12 month contracts (and prepaid) and will make it easier for people to load data without contract concerns.

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    Now this is uber interesting! Can't wait to see the ideas pouring in! Now to figure something out that would please both sides of the penny!

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    How would we know whether it benefits the company???

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    Off peak prepaid/bolt-on data bundles.
    Valid Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and any day between 00h00 and 05h00.

    3G HSPA+: 10 GB @ R100
    ADSL: 30 GB @ R100
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    There's probably something out there like this already but I'd propose a single account for everything. Basically whether you're using 3G or ADSL or even voice, it should all be bundled together and if it could all run off an uncapped data account it would be even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajax View Post
    Off peak prepaid/bolt-on data bundles.
    Valid Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and any day between 00h00 and 05h00.

    3G HSPA+: 10 GB @ R100
    ADSL: 30 GB @ R100
    You stole my idea...Non-business hours packages. I dont need ADSL at home during business hours, and it will be cool if I can save some money with after hours packages.

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    Data Deals for Smartphone/Tablets - 1gig p/m @ R79 (Coz if you use more that a GIG on a phone then you need to get a life)

    I would be happy to pay that

    True uncapped unshapped broadband (ADSL/Wireless/3G) No throttling - R599p/m

    Contact me then

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    What about a package?

    Like 100 minutes, 30 SMS, 500MB data @ R350.00

    Or is it only data?

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    Adsl 30 Gig R150 added Free VOIP to friends and family on same network.
    Incentive for using VOIP on local network and referrals , free data added.
    Break out calls charged ?
    Adsl account usage at public Wi-Fi spots.

    excl line rental

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