FNB is on a hiring drive – these are the skills it is looking for

 ·29 Jul 2021

Financial services firm FNB says it is reigniting a call for the private and public sectors to prevent ‘brain drain’ by investing in high-quality critical skills in domestic markets.

The bank is calling for a collective effort to avail economic opportunities, better employment and career prospects to quell talent migration to overseas markets.

“FNB further encourages local talent that is overseas to consider returning for opportunities in domestic markets across the African continent,” it said on Thursday (29 July).

To expedite its bold fintech and platform-related aspirations in banking, insurance, investments and telecommunications, FNB said it will recruit 300 additional experts with engineering, technology, data and quant skills to supplement its existing cohort of more than 5,000 equivalent skills.

The group said it is looking for

  • Industrial engineers;
  • Software developers;
  • Cloud engineers;
  • Cybersecurity specialists;
  • Data and quant scientists;
  • Systems and solutions architects;
  • Test engineers;
  • Chemical and mechanical engineers;
  • Actuaries;
  • Business and systems analysts;
  • Customer and user experience specialists; and
  • Content and design specialists.

Jacques Celliers, FNB CEO, said: “Investing in top talent with critical skills allows economies and businesses to unlock innovation, investment, global competitiveness, and social upliftment.

“As an employer to an inclusive and diverse group of more than 40 000 employees, our response to this challenge starts with recognising the need to empower the youth with meaningful work experience.”

Through its internal FirstJob programme, Celliers said that the bank has enabled over 2,500 youth to gain experience with over R280 million invested since 2018.

“For over a decade, we’ve also been running a highly successful graduate programme and continue to employ most of the participants. Some of those graduates are leading key positions in our business to deliver helpful solutions to our customers,” he said.

The application process for the new roles commences from Monday 9 August 2021. The bank is inviting top talent to submit applications via its LinkedIn page.

“FNB further commits to making the application process as smooth and swift as possible requiring that potential candidates submit an abbreviated Curriculum Vitae, undergo a maximum of two interviews and be placed as quickly as possible in these roles,” it said.

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