Telkom is moving its ADSL customers to fibre

Telkom is transitioning its customers from copper-based internet to fibre technology in all fibre-ready regions across South Africa.

The telecommunications provider said that this migration applies to all customers residing in fibre-ready regions around the country where the current DSL infrastructure overlaps with the Fibre To The Home  (FTTH) footprint.

The group said that fibre promises a significant improvement in users’ connectivity experience and assures customers that they will receive the support that they need to undergo the upgrade with minimal stress and disruption.

“With technology advancing so rapidly, we want to help keep our customers up to date and ensure that they are making the most of what’s available,” said Steven White, executive: Product Development & Management at Telkom.

“There has always been a high demand for fast, reliable internet. In current times, and in relation to the Covid pandemic with so many people working from home and just spending more time at home in general, this demand is higher than ever before.”

Telkom said that its agents are contacting customers directly to inform them regarding what to expect from the upgrade, and when the group added that there is no need to panic about a sudden ‘cut-off’.

“Customers can rest assured that Telkom won’t leave them in the lurch,” said White.

“While the move away from copper-based internet is compulsory, we are here to work with customers to find an alternative connectivity solution that best suits their needs.

“If they aren’t on board with fibre, there are many other options available to choose from, such as wireless LTE and Fixed Line Lookalike (FLLA),” he said.

Telkom said that the switch from copper to fibre is part of a long-term strategy to both optimise user experience and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Therefore, although it will follow a gradual progression, the overall strategic objective is to decommission and replace old copper technology with fibre entirely, it said.

“We want all those affected to know that we are waiving the cost of installation. So, essentially, customers can benefit from an incredible upgrade without having to pay a cent in the process.

“The only cost involved will be the monthly cost of the new internet package that each user selects,” said White.

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Telkom is moving its ADSL customers to fibre