How much money you should be earning in South Africa

 ·11 Oct 2016

Data published by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) shows how much money South Africans take home each month according to the type of job they have.

Stats SA’s Labour Market Dynamics Report for 2009 to 2015, showed that the average South African wage was R3,200 in 2015.

When broken down into industries and set occupations, the research agency found that the mining and utilities industries paid, on average, the most – R7,500 per month. This was up from R5,000 and R6,000 respectively in 2010.


The household sector, including domestic workers, paid the least – R1,500 per month on average in 2015.

Salaries for skilled occupations increased dramatically, StatsSA showed. In 2015, the median monthly earnings of the skilled employees was R12,400 compared to R3,500 and R2,000 earned by the semi-skilled and the low-skilled employees  respectively.

Over the period 2010 to 2015, within the skilled occupational category, median monthly  earnings  increased for Managers and Professionals but declined amongst Technicians.

Both managers and professionals earned above R10,000 over the period 2010 to 2015  while for  technicians,  the median monthly earnings ranged from R6,000 to R8,400.

earnings-by-occupation earnings-by-occupation-graph


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