If you want a high paying job in South Africa, learn Mandarin

 ·7 Nov 2016

New data from jobs portal Adzuna shows which additional language skills are most in-demand by employers in South Africa – and which language skills will net the highest average salary.

According to the group being bilingual or knowing a foreign language is a top skill in not only finding a job, but also obtaining work visa when moving to other countries.

Some countries also require a certain level of competence in their official language(s).

“Although many of these positions are for call-center or sales roles, it is interesting to note that South African languages, which were added into the mix researched, showed promising results.” the group said.

The top South African language required was Afrikaans – however it offered the lowest average salary. Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, Xhosa and Zulu topped the rankings in terms of average salary.

English was not included in the research results as it was deemed ubiquitous. The least required language measured was Finnish.

These were the results, ordered by highest average salary to lowest:

# Language Job Demand Average Salary
1 Mandarin 203 R335 863
2 Japanese 27 R335 625
3 Zulu 421 R332 714
4 Xhosa 142 R318 923
5 French 453 R304 378
6 Finnish 11 R301 236
7 Portuguese 294 R298 975
8 Dutch 72 R298 478
9 Russian 18 R280 531
10 Swedish 56 R279 872
11 German 563 R278 064
12 Norwegian 31 R271 734
13 Arabic 117 R264 667
14 Spanish 134 R255 674
15 Turkish 37 R231 047
16 Swahili 21 R198 000
17 Italian 127 R193 976
18 Afrikaans 4 866 R176 992

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