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These are the 15 best-performing companies in South Africa

These are the 15 best-performing companies in South Africa

The Sunday Times has published its Top 100 Companies list, tracking the South African companies which have delivered the best value to shareholders over the past five years.

The list is determined by looking at the share price of every listed company on the JSE, with the top companies determined by how much growth shareholders would have seen with a hypothetical R10,000 investment over five years.

The dates assessed are between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2016.

It’s not only about growth, however – the list takes into account normal and special dividends paid out to shareholders, with any bonus shares assumed to have been reinvested, the Sunday Times said.

The limits for the list are that no suspended companies qualified, and the cut off for value traded was R20 million.

According to the paper, Calgro M3 Holdings was crowned as the top company in the country in 2016 – snatching the crown from 2015’s number one, Fortress Income Fund, which ranked second.

Calgro had an opening share price of R1.20 in September 2011, showing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 71.9% over 5 years, to reach R18.00 per share in August 2016.

The final value of the hypothetical R10,000 investment would have grown to R150,000, the paper said.

Calgo is a mixed use and integrated residential property developer, responsible for many social housing development projects across the country. The group’s portfolio includes retirement villages, hostels and many complexes – as well as more upper-end estates.

The Sunday Times’ number two – Fortress Income Fund – would have seen its R10,000 bloom into R100,066 (a CAGR of 58.5%), while private education group, Curro, saw a CAGR of 48.9%, taking its R10,000 to R73,175.

The table below details the top 15 companies featured in the list.

The full ranking of 100 companies can be found in the Sunday Times from 13 November 2016, or online with a subscription here.

Top 15 companies in South Africa 

# Company Open – September 2011 (cents) Close – August 2016 (cents) Final value (R10,000 investment) CAGR
1 Calgro M3 Holdings 120 1 800 R150 000 71.88%
2 Fortress Income Fund (B) 400 3 406 R100 066 58.51%
3 Curro Holdings 570 4 171 R73 175 48.89%
4 Afrimat 370 2 281 R70 542 47.81%
5 Brait SE 1 759 11 650 R68 758 47.05%
6 Naspers (N) 37 037 240 600 R66 427 46.04%
7 EOH Holdings 2 340 14 375 R65 532 45.64%
8 New Europe Property Investments Plc 3 400 16 346 R61 097 43.62%
9 Mondi Plc 6 170 29 920 R55 831 41.05%
10 Trustco Group Holdings 70 345 R55 047 40.65%
11 Conduit Capital 69 300 R51 303 38.68%
12 Cashbuild 9 300 39 025 R48 924 37.37%
13 Super Group 850 4 051 R47 659 36.66%
14 Resilient Reit 3 270 11 800 R47 377 36.49%
15 Coronation Fund Managers 2 048 6 974 R45 125 35.17%

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  • Khalsa Singh

    C’mon………..with the exception of Mondi the rest are not real companies but rather hedge funds and investment vehicles.

    The article should rather read 15 best performing stocks in 2015.

    • Broscientist

      Couldn’t agree more, in essence you will be investing in a “unit trust” with most of them.

    • Ekke Kan

      Is it not clear that the list is compiled from JSE listed companies and growth added to share holders. I did not pick up it is for REAL TRADING companies only.

    • Simon Torrance

      I work for number 13. It’s a company that has a lot of different divisions with a lot of its revenue coming from ownership of companies overseas. The company has gone from several hundred million to several billion in worth over the past few years

  • Mark Widdicombe

    Pity you can’t give us the list of the best performing companies over the /next/ five years.

    • lorgat94

      Haha yes!

      Investing in these relatively unknown companies 5 years back would have been seen as very risky. (with exception)

      Diversified portfolios will always work the best in the end.

    • CltrAltDelicious

      If only… hahaha

  • Wurnman

    What about Gupta/Zuma own entities?

    • dv8ed1

      that is mos not made public…..YET

    • Runnin Bare

      Don’t list ‘back pocket’ companies…LoL

  • SA First

    Companies must lobby government like US companies do – if they don’t, the vacuum will be filled by the likes of the Guptas….

  • Ray Mulder

    Actually I have never heard of any of these companies… Is this where our money is really going?
    I would like to see this list with directors names.

    • Hennie

      You can go on internet to check the directors to the CEO’s on the said companies.

    • the-TRUTH

      Curro Holdings is now among the leading companies owning and running private schools around the country and Mondi Plc is one of the leading paper making companies and so they manufacture a number of paper based products that you most probably consume…

  • kevin

    I am running from the JSE as fast as i can -have lost money over the past 4 years and it is gaining momentum except for unknown companies ,all the rest are tanking big time -i would have made more money putting it in a bank as it is i earn more money on my 7 day call than on the JSE -picking long shots are a lot like gambling or playing the lotto -oh yes i have mine in unit trusts and only my broker and the fund manager make money on my investments

    • Bill

      Stick with blue chip companies, I bought FNB last year for 37 now its 48, made 20 thousand just by dividends, no banks will give you that returns, its a gamble but safer than the lotto and casino’s, it’s all calculated risk. I will sell out when I need the bucks or if I see it sliding downhill.

  • the-TRUTH

    It would like to have a professional association with EOH Holdings

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