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Home affairs to send Zimbabweans on special permits packing

Home affairs to send Zimbabweans on special permits packing

Home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba is expected to announce changes to the country’s position on Zimbabwe special permits (ZSPs) before the end of the month – with all indications that there is no room for extension, according to a report by The Sunday Times.

This follows earlier confirmation by home affairs media liasion officer Thabo Mokgola to Ground Upwho noted that “the Minister has made it clear that there would not be an extension of the ZSP.”

The ZSP was first introduced in October 2014, as a three year permit that would allow Zimbabwean nationals living in the country to legally work, own a businesses and study in South Africa, despite not carrying a valid visa.

By ending the ZSP programme, Zimbabwean nationals (who are not currently in the country legally) will now only be allowed to enter the country if they meet the requirements for a regular study, work or business visa. They would also need to leave South Africa and apply for these visas back in Zimbabwe.

In February, Gigaba announced a new hard-line stance on foreigners in the country and noted that he would be specifically targeting businesses who hire undocumented workers, saying that they will be found out and charged.

Violence against foreigners in South Africa has also escalated in recent months, including an ‘anti-foreigner’ march held by residents in Pretoria, and the burning of alleged ‘brothels and drug dens’ in Rosettenville, Johannesburg, which were mainly occupied by foreigners.

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  • NosySnoopy

    Be back in 2019, the ANC need you.

    • Joe Black

      Can they even vote? AFAIK you need to be a citizen and have an SA ID (or some other form of proof you are a citizen) to vote. Am I wrong?

      • ToothyGrinn

        Normally you would be right.
        But can you spell
        C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N ??

        • Johan Lewis Last


    • ToothyGrinn

      LOL True

  • Livhuwani Ramovha

    The ANC will not allow this to happen. If it was not for the ANC’s previous regime’s quiet diplomacy, things might be quiet different in Zim.

    Even if such a decision is taken, how are they going to deport 5million people? Do they even know where this people live? where will the money come from? Won’t half be back is SA the same week?

    • NotSpam

      There are only about 200 000 Zimbabweans with this permit. The rest…go figure.

      • Andre

        The rest have a different permit classification. The ZSP is not the only permit available you know. Critical Skills Permit, Permanent Residence Permit, Work Permit, Temporary Residence Permit…. and a bunch of other permits in different categories.

    • Joe Ma

      As the article stated, the government will crack down on the work creating, tax paying, economy growing soft target which is business. At what point will this socialist government realize our country as a whole can only benefit by stimulating business and that there is absolutely not long term benefit by tearing it down.

  • the-TRUTH

    The BIG Question: Is this ANC’s 2019 electioneering gimmick?

    • Solly Mothabela


      • lloyd

        One would think that they would start with aliens outside the rand monetary area. I believe that re-validating Nigerians’ leave to remain should be a priority. “Inside approvals with bribe down payments” at Home Affairs also undermines the immigration system.

  • Selwyn

    England has admitted that it works because of foreign employment. Ditto USA (one of Trumps errors) and many other countries. The funniest (read strangely sad) is that the majority work in the food chain and the food chain in their home countries is broken. So Mr Gigaba be a little weary or you will look as silly as some of your fellow ministers. the trouble is your foreign population is uncontrolled and mostly paperless. in a nutshell you are just another non funtioning department

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