These are the best and worst jobs to have in 2018

Jobs portal CareerCast has published its ranking of the best and worst jobs in 2018.

While the ranking is based predominantly on jobs in the US, the survey provides some indication of the job types that are currently trending, versus those that are seemingly on the way out.

In the 30th edition of the Jobs Rated report, CareerCast said it examine the up-and-coming professions that have been added to the Jobs Rated report in recent years, such as Genetic Counselor, which ranks as the best job of 2018, and jobs that have become outdated – Bookbinder, Meter Reader, and Watch Repairer.

Genetic Counselor at No. 1, owes its exponential growth to technology, the report said, while the best jobs of 2018 reflect this ongoing shift toward STEM professions, with careers in tech or directly tied to tech represented in the top 10, including Mathematician (2), Data Scientist (7). Information Security Analyst (8), Operations Research Analyst (9) and Actuary (10).

On the downside, innovation has hurt some professions.

“Booming popularity for ride-sharing apps – Uber and Lyft dominate the space – has had profound impact on the worst job of 2018: Taxi Driver,” said Kyle Kensing, online content editor, CareerCast.

“Growth outlook for the hiring of Taxi Drivers fell by more than half, down from 11% by 2014 estimates, to 5% in projections for 2026. That decline in projected hiring outlook – one of the core criteria the Jobs Rated report evaluates to rank jobs – aligns with a sharp increase in the number of drivers working for ride-share companies.”

Low pay is another of the contributing factors for low ranking in the Jobs Rated report.

Almost all the jobs in the bottom 10 face a negative hiring outlook, including these media jobs: Newspaper Reporter (-10%), Broadcaster (-9%) and Advertising Salesperson (-4%).

These are the 10 best jobs of 2018

# Job Growth outlook
1 Genetic Counselor +29%
2 Mathematician +30%
3 University Professor (tenured) +15%
4 Occupational Therapist +24%
5 Statistician +34%
6 Medical Services Manager +20%
7 Data Scientist +19%
8 Information Security Analyst +28%
9 Operations Research Analyst +27%
10 Actuary +22%

These are the 10 worst jobs of 2018

# Job Growth outlook
1 Taxi Driver +5%
2 Logger -13%
3 Newspaper Reporter -10%
4 Retail Salesperson +2%
5 Enlisted Military (E-3, 6+ yrs. experience)
6 Corrections Officer -7%
7 Disc Jockey -9%
8 Broadcaster -9%
9 Advertising Salesperson -4%
10 Pest Control Worker +8%

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These are the best and worst jobs to have in 2018