9 in-demand jobs that pay R1 million a year in South Africa

The Department of Higher Education and Training recently published a list of high-demand occupations in South Africa.

The list – which is reviewed every two years – highlights over 370 occupations that show relatively strong employment growth and/or are experiencing shortages in the labour market or which are expected to be in demand in future.

While management and other senior positions typically dominate the category of jobs most in demand, the list of occupations is wide-ranging, and includes everything from CFOs to chefs.

As some of the jobs are also highly specialised, it may also be the case that some positions (such as certain types of senior sales managers) do typically earn more on average than other high paying positions (such as a marketing director ) which are typically positions seen in a number of companies.

Notably a number of these jobs also top the R1 million mark when looking at salary data provided by Payscale and Indeed.

BusinessTech looked at 9 of the jobs most in-demand – which also have the highest average annual salaries.

Rank Job title Average annual salary Minimum recorded salary Maximum recorded salary
1 Chief Information Officer R1 057 377 R484 854 R1 529 272
2 Chief Financial Officer R1 001 578 R585 905 R1 730 489
3 Senior Engineering Manager R976 559 R573 984 R1 741 940
4 Sales and Marketing Director R829 874 R206 790 R1 366 741
5 Senior Process Engineer R771 599 R441 686 R1 029 247
6 Application Development Manager R762 295 R332 500 R1 100 000
7 Senior Project Manager (IT) R736 376
R1 047 271
8 Corporate Services Manager R733 500 R470 000 R1 000 000
9 Senior Contracts Manager R636 000 R239 400 R1 231 588

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9 in-demand jobs that pay R1 million a year in South Africa