The rarest job skills in South Africa right now – and how much they pay

Online job aggregator Adzuna has released a new report focusing on the rarest skills and jobs in South Africa.

The report is based on over 140,000 job listings and 1,250,000 job seeker searches, and calculates the ‘rareness factor’ based on the number of job adverts asking for certain skills vs the number of job searchers who claim to have those skills.

Technology (programmers, IT, etc) and financial skills topped the rankings for 2018, while there was a surprising drop in the rarity of engineering skills.

“Either engineers are more abundant, which is doubtful, or for some reason less engineering skills are being advertised for,” said Jesse Green, country manager for Adzuna South Africa.

However, he noted that the average salaries for engineers have remained high.

“Civil engineers, in particular, have come in at over R628,000 on average, quite unchanged since September 2017 with only a 3% increase since then, mostly matching inflation,” he said.

“In fact, while the rarity of skills may have changed, salaries are overall much more stable.

“Only sales managers have see a correlation in rarity and salary increase. Sales management skills are 123% rarer and have seen a 12% average salary increase over the past 8 months.”

He added that registered nurses have also seen a massive increase in demand and ‘rareness’.

“The emigration of 20-30% of the nursing workforce (according to scientific journal papers published between 2001 and 2015) has had an impact on this sector of the job market,” he said.

“However, the exodus of these skills is decreasing, which should see a reprieve to the numbers, which is not the case. Also, although nursing skills are rarer, the salaries have not improved much, only going up by 4% since last September.”

Job skill or title Rareness factor Average salary
Java developer 137.0 R537 276
Developer 112.2 R485 210
php developer 102.3 R425 815
Financial accountant 83.1 R459 633
Web developer 80.3 R420 035
Software developer 44.7 R494 772
Net developer 32.2 R471 398
Consultant 29.4 R221 377
Assistant manager 29.2 R221 755
Accountant 24.9 R409 003
Analyst 23.0 R512 305
Technologist 17.6 R492 603
Executive 17.3 R276 871
Business analyst 12.5 R517 295
Recruiter 9.2 R253 276
Designer 7.7 R318 225
Coordinator 6.9 R220 532
Project manager 4.5 R611 566
Pharmacist 3.8 R539 723
Sales manager 3.3 R456 994
Civil engineer 3.3 R628 337
Manager 3.3 R486 613
Engineer 3.2 R589 916
Registered nurse 3.1 R273 888
Bookkeeper 3.0 R181 216
Officer 2.9 R216 544
Planner 2.9 R389 992
Surveyor 2.4 R546 344
Salesperson 2.1 R183 963
Secretary 2.0 R146 710
Assistant 1.9 R140 990
Technician 1.9 R228 453
Supervisor 1.8 R256 713
Controller 1.7 R317 852
Quantity surveyor 1.7 R503 642
Clerk 1.6 R133 733
Foreman 1.2 R464 821
Mechanic 1.1 R430 057
Operator 1.1 R405 546
Chef 0.9 R171 221
Administrator 0.8 R158 470
Receptionist 0.4 R100 472
Nurse 0.3 R273 988
Driver 0.1 R116 103

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The rarest job skills in South Africa right now – and how much they pay