Here’s the full list of the jobs in high demand in South Africa right now

 ·26 Nov 2020

The Department of Higher Education and Training has published a list of over 340 high-demand occupations in South Africa.

The list – which is reviewed every two years – highlights the occupations that show relatively strong employment growth and/or are experiencing shortages in the labour market or which are expected to be in demand in future.

“Skills ‘mismatches,’ real and perceived, are widely regarded as constraining economic growth and development, and a barrier to social inclusion and poverty reduction,” the department said.

“Consequently, it is imperative to identify skills needs in South Africa and ensure that education and training, at all levels, responds to the needs of the economy.”

The department said that occupations were in high demand if:

  • The show relatively strong employment or wage growth over the past five years.
  • Are expected to show relatively strong employment growth in the future.
  • Have been identified as being in shortage in the labour market
  • Are new, and are expected to emerge in the near future as a result of innovation, technological advancements, the development of new industries, or the implementation of government strategic priorities.

The list of occupations are further colour-coded based on their respective recovery due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The full list can be viewed here:

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