Here is the official petrol price for September

 ·4 Sep 2023

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has published the official petrol and diesel price changes for September.

Reflecting warnings published throughout August, motorists are in for a hefty price hike from Wednesday, 6 September.

Petrol prices will be going up by R1.71 per litre, and diesel will be hiked by between R2.76 and R2.84 a litre.

FuelPrice Change
Petrol 93increase of 171 cents per litre
Petrol 95increase of 171 cents per litre
Diesel 0.05%increase of 284 cents per litre
Diesel 0.005%increase of 276 cents per litre
Illuminating Paraffinincrease of 278 cents per litre
LPGASincrease of 226 cents per kg

The average international product prices for Petrol, Diesel and Illuminating Paraffin increased during the period under review.

The Rand depreciated against the US Dollar during the period under review, on average, when compared to the previous period.

The average Rand/US Dollar exchange rate for the period 28 July 2023 to 31 August 2023 was 18.6731 compared to 18.2801 during the previous period.

This led to a higher contribution to the Basic Fuel Prices on petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin by 29.60 c/l, 31.33 c/l and 31.58 c/l, respectively.

In addition to monthly fluctuations, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy has approved a retail margin increase of 5.0 c/l to be effected in the retail price structures of all octane grades of petrol with effect from 6 September 2023.

This increase is necessary to accommodate the wage increases of pump attendants, cashiers and administrative staff at service stations.

The slate levy was unchanged.

This is how the price changes will reflect at the pumps:

InlandAugust OfficialSeptember Official
93 PetrolR22.43R24.14
95 PetrolR22.83R24.54
Diesel 0.05%R20.21R23.05
Diesel 0.005%R20.52R23.28
Illuminating ParaffinR14.63R17.41
LPGAS (per kg)R29.50R31.76
CoastalAugust OfficialSeptember Official
93 PetrolR21.71R23.42
95 PetrolR22.11R23.82
Diesel 0.05%R19.48R22.32
Diesel 0.005%R19.81R22.59
Illuminating ParafinR19.81R16.48
LPGAS (per kg)R26.92R29.17

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