How your salary will change as you gain more experience in SA

 ·8 May 2016
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CareerJunction’s 2016 Salary Review provides insight into the average salaries of professionals in South Africa – and how they change from starting out, to senior positions.

The Salary Review contains salary information based on salary offerings on the CareerJunction website for job postings between October 2015 and February 2016.

The review lists the average starting salaries of skilled employees in various industries, along with the average top-end salaries of senior employees.

This allows us to compare the low-end of the salary spectrum to the top-paying band across various positions in South Africa.

The tables below detail the percentage salary increase a skilled employee can expect when moving from an opening salary as a skilled worker to a top salary as a senior professional.


Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Structural Engineering R34,735 R69,841 101.07%
Civil Engineering R30,799 R54,516 77.01%
Electronic Engineering R28,873 R48,690 68.64%
Project Engineering R29,457 R46,761 58.74%
Mechanical Engineering R38,910 R61,434 57.89%
Chemical Engineering R27,404 R40,510 47.83%
Electrical Engineering R36,266 R53,172 46.62%
Industrial Engineering R35,045 R47,375 35.18%

Building and Construction

Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Structural Engineering R34,735 R69,841 101.07%
Architectural Technologist R15,972 R30,484 90.86%
Civil Engineering R30,799 R54,516 77.01%
Artisan R18,178 R29,667 63.20%
Quantity Surveying R22,053 R35,438 60.69%
Electricians R19,278 R30,647 58.97%
Quality Control & Assurance R20,105 R31,416 56.26%
Draughtsman R20,313 R30,679 51.03%

Warehousing and Logistics

Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Distribution / Courier Service R7,225 R32,300 347.06%
Warehouse Operations R10,586 R28,456 168.00%
Logistics Management R19,498 R49,306 152.88%
Air, Land & Sea Freight R14,977 R30,465 103.41%
Route Management & Control R14,233 R21,214 49.05%

Information and Communication Technology

Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Software Development R25,661 R49,838 94.22%
Database Design, Development & Administration R25,637 R49,167 91.78%
IT Project Administration & Management R28,744 R52,604 83.01%
Networking Planning, Design & Installation R19,910 R36,089 81.26%
UX & GUI Design R26,507 R45,315 70.95%
Radio & Satellite Technology R22,270 R37,489 68.34%
Data Analysis & Data Warehousing R28,901 R45,107 56.07%
Systems Analysis R31,894 R49,405 54.90%
Systems & Network Administration R22,567 R34,942 54.84%
Business Analysis R32,790 R49,537 51.07%
IT Management R38,504 R52,818 37.18%
Technical & Business Architecture R46,083 R58,659 27.29%

Design, Media, Arts

Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Producing/Directing R18,481 R41,261 123.26%
Graphic/Print/Packaging Design R14,532 R23,917 64.58%
Journalism/Writing/Editing R20,400 R32,559 59.60%
Web Design/Multimedia/3D Design R20,887 R32,640 56.27%


Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Financial Advisory R24,244 R42,792 76.51%
Asset Management R28,078 R49,405 75.96%
Purchasing & Procurement R19,050 R32,181 68.93%
Credit & Loan Management R22,311 R36,031 61.49%
Payroll & Wages R16,703 R26,720 59.97%
Actuary R29,486 R46,818 58.78%
Investment Banking R33,530 R51,202 52.71%
Insurance Administration & Sales R18,363 R27,633 50.48%
Bookkeeping R14,911 R22,333 49.78%
Taxation R34,968 R51,500 47.28%
Treasury Management R46,086 R67,500 46.47%
Internal Auditing R32,276 R47,213 46.28%
Underwriting R22,500 R32,810 45.82%
Risk Management R37,656 R53,710 42.63%
Auditing R26,545 R37,167 40.02%
Credit Control R13,311 R18,632 39.97%
Accounting R27,885 R38,974 39.77%
Portfolio Management R25,500 R35,439 38.98%
Management Accounting R35,737 R48,231 34.96%
Chartered Accounting R38,109 R50,480 32.46%
Accounts Payable & Receivable R17,630 R23,164 31.39%
Financial Management R43,750 R55,446 26.73%
Cost Accounting R33,577 R38,045 13.31%


Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Market Research & Analysis R29,212 R48,333 65.46%
Marketing Management R28,982 R47,024 62.25%
Communications & Public Relations R24,642 R39,500 60.30%
Brand Management R29,631 R45,828 54.66%
Product Management R30,767 R44,394 44.29%


Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Telesales & Telemarketing R7,006 R18,554 164.83%
Retail R9,892 R23,951 142.12%
Representative & Sales Consulting R13,846 R27,538 98.89%
Sales Management R23,092 R44,584 93.07%
Short Term, Life & Medical Insurance Broking R12,370 R22,165 79.18%
Account Management R22,782 R38,309 68.15%
Travel Agent R10,286 R17,200 67.22%

Admin, Office, and Support

Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Personal Assistant R14,239 R26,476 85.94%
Office Management R17,300 R32,025 85.12%
Admin Clerk R9,604 R16,480 71.60%
Call Centre Operator R10,278 R16,833 63.78%
Secretary R15,685 R23,200 47.91%
Human Resources Officer R18,201 R25,126 38.05%
Client & Customer Support R11,106 R15,235 37.18%
Health, Safety & Environment R18,138 R24,463 34.87%

Manufacturing & Assembly

Job Starting – Skilled Top – Senior Percentage Increase
Materials Control R18,911 R37,796 99.86%
Food Processing & Technology R15,683 R27,759 77.00%
Printing R12,715 R21,200 66.73%
Machinist R18,648 R26,694 43.15%
Plant Management R33,404 R44,693 33.80%
Process Control R19,727 R25,792 30.74%
Plant & Production Control R18,581 R23,692 27.51%
Tool & Die Making R19,106 R22,694 18.78%

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