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‘The Devil is always trying to tempt us’: Zuma

‘The Devil is always trying to tempt us’: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma on Friday called on Christians to pray for politicians amid temptation from the Devil while they tried to do their work.

The president was speaking to congregants of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God at the Ellis Park Stadium on Friday.

“We need you to pray for us as the leaders, as it’s mention in the bible. Please pray for us not to make mistakes,” he said in IsiZulu, as recorded by ENCA.

“As you know the Devil is always out to tempt us. Please pray for us to behave and  treat each other with respect in parliament. Also pray for us to govern well.”

“You must pray for government to run the country by the will God and that of the people,” said Zuma.

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  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    This takes blaming someone else for his own actions to a new level. With Devil he obviously is referring to the Guptas. If he had any ounce of integeity he would step down and spill the beans on the Gupta clan.

  • PSyCHoHaMSTeRza
    • Zuma_Slayer

      Classic !!!!

      Jacob Zuma blames Christianity for South Africa’s problems

      Jacob Zuma is at the centre of a religious storm in South Africa after
      reportedly blaming the introduction Christianity in the 19th century for the
      continent’s current problems.

      Mr Zuma, South Africa’s first Zulu president,
      told an event in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal that Christianity
      brought about “orphans” and “old-age homes” thereby destroying Africa’s
      traditions, according to South Africa’s Times newspaper.

      “As Africans, long before the arrival of religion and [the] gospel, we had our own ways of doing things,” he said.

      “Those were times that the religious people refer to as dark days but
      we know that, during those times, there were no orphans or old-age
      homes. Christianity has brought along these things.”

      • Mamparra

        Great one. Not Zuma, I mean your contribution. I know I sound like a sticking record, but you REALLY couldn’t make this stuff up.

        When I saw the headline, I immediately thought of Flip Wilson’s sketch from years ago where his wife told him ‘the devil made me do it’ when she bought a dress he didn’t approve of.

        Seriously though, the only devil driving this country’s joke of a ‘president’ is the Spear of the Nation he should rather have kept in his pants.

        I’m actually surprised he didn’t get zapped by a lightning strike after talking so much crap.

  • victor lossa

    K is for kleptocracy…..

  • Zuma_Slayer

    ‘The Devil is always trying to tempt us’: Zuma – And the devil didn’t need to work hard with you, ….dirty POS AIDS Shower Boy Zuma.

  • Real Ist

    Such a big p——–s!

  • mike preto

    Trying to tempt us ? That boat has sailed, he succeeded long ago.

  • KayoZen

    A simple google / wiki search reveals much about the corrupt and dubious controversial Universal Church of the Kingdom of God …. just another business venture for our corrupt profiteering sheep herder false prophet JZ ….

    “The Church has frequently been accused of illegal activities and corruption, including money laundering, charlatanism, and witchcraft, and intolerance towards other religions. It has been subject to bans in several African counties, and was implicated in the murder in Britain of Victoria Climbié, only prayed for rather than protected and treated. There have been accusations that the Church extracts money from poor members for the benefit of its leaders.”

    • just watching

      ” sheep herder false prophet JZ “….one could substitute “Judas goat herder”

      • KayoZen

        Sobering substitute. All the more reason we must do our bit to educate the sheeple / voting fodder about the evil UCKG.

  • DudeWithPetLeopard

    Hahaha!!! Just when you think he can’t go any lower…

  • James Dean

    “Jacob Zuma called on Christians to pray for politicians amid temptation from the Devil”

    Third world talk to third world citizens. First world citizens will just laugh and vote you out of office.

    • KayoZen

      Sad irony the 1st world missionaries indoctrinated the 3rd world this way.

    • Muronji

      Have you been following US politics for say the past 10 years? This is straight out of the GOP book. All these politicians think God put them in those positions in their heads nxaaaa

  • Mugabeisikulufa iAfrikanotso G

    Begging for a lightning bolt there zumz? Or should it rather be a pillar of salt?

    • Fanandala

      Pillar of salt, I propose. I’ll take the dog around 2 times a day to lift its leg on it.

  • Khipheyakhe

    The President is right. “We need prayers to fight Sathane.” Before we fight Sathane we need to be able to identify him and his evil works and ask ourselves the question whether we as leaders are not willing participants in Sathane’s schemes and mission. The President is right, some of the [lesser by proportion] evil works of Sathane are crime and drug abuse. There is also a host more serious mega-vices and sins that are facing the country, such as some of the traditional seven: greed, gluttony, lust, sloth [to mention but four]. Perhaps Sathane is really leading the country astray. But one suspects sometimes those of us who dabble or indulge, do so of their own volition and when suspected or caught, are tempted to turn around and blame Sathane, even when Sathane may have been doing his evil work elsewhere… and that would be their only point of temptation.
    We do pray, sincerely, for leaders; that God provides leaders for this great country….

    • victor lossa

      perhaps Sathane’s surname is Gupta……

      • Fanandala

        No, he wants to tell us that Zuma is so bad that even Satan is fairly decent
        by comparison.

  • victor lossa

    K is for kleptocracy…..

  • Miles

    … and with each temptation, Mr. El Presendeto takes the bait every time.

  • Didn’t he take the Mickey out of Christianity some years ago…? Now doing a 180? Not saying he shouldn’t turn back to God, just hoping his words are true and not only some political propaganda. Don’t think God likes being used like that…

  • Joe Black

    We all know he was opposed to the christian religion as a colonial concept in his eyes directly from statements he himself made. There is no lie too low for this guy. Too little truth comes out of his mouth. What he says corresponds 100% with just one thing – Whatever he needs to say for a vote. Which is 100% what is needed for him to not be prosecuted by the law (of course completely ignoring the fact that being a president does not make you immune to the law, but Zuma has been carefully nurturing a position that the ANC and he as its leader are above the the country and the law since he came into power – By using the law he himself should be beholden to, to dispose of the previous president.)

    In any case. it is clear from the news that he is very weak to temptation.

  • just watching

    ‘This Zuma is always trying to tempt us’: Devil

  • ChantOlive

    pray for them to get some integrity and stop stealing from the people.
    pray for them to stop lying
    pray for them to pay back the money…

    …I see Zuma is already working on his Zupta defence, like Hansie “The Devil made me do it”

  • ToothyGrinn

    Sounds like a confession

  • seafury

    Maybe we should pray. Pray the we be saved from this liar and fraud. Pray for reform. Pray for rain, food work etc. Pray for cANCer to loose power… pray for just and honarable politicians (might get all previous ones but not this…. ) I am using pray here, not just Christian context of course.

  • 0xbeef

    I came here for the comments.

  • jj

    Zuma, we Christians are praying and our prayers to God is to remove this corrupt president from our country and stop making the children of this land cry like Pharaoh.
    Zuma ask yourself first are you a true God fearing Christian or a thorough bred Traditional believer.

  • Rob Charlton

    “Also pray for us to govern well”. Hey Jacob. We’ve been doing that for years already!.

  • Prometheus_Revisited

    Isn’t self-temptation just the worst!

  • Anti-EToll & Anti-DSTV

    The devil (I think you (Zuma) are related to him though) is not TRYING to tempt you… he is succeeding in it.
    You will say anything to win votes before the elections, I think Mr bigsh!t is feeling the pressure of not performing, not just him but cANCer as well.

  • S. Bediako-Asante

    “Be wise as the serpent, so as to flee away from the devil when the time comes”.

    You cannot blame the devil when you deliberately allow yourself to be used by the devil’s machinations.

    Pray for forgiveness and repent. Turn to God, and He will be your counsellor.

  • The devil is not the one who stole our money to build himself a bunker with a swimming pool. The devil is not the one who accepted bribes from Schabir Shaik. The devil is not the one who abused our public protector and all our public institutes to keep himself out of court, and subsequently out of prison.

    Actually voting for the devil would result in us having a far better leader than the kleptocrat we currently have.

    • Brian

      Oh, so it wasn’t a fire pool? 🙂

  • DaveL

    “The devil is always trying to tempt us” – and you have failed miserably My President!

  • Tau’ri

    Sir, you must be having scheduled daily meetings with the fiery one.

  • arthur

    Nice try Zumpie …pray say’s the devil himself ?? The devil is between ones right ear and left ear….Sort him out your self Zumpie.The devil were defeated 2000 years ago (remember ?) ! The devil you feed is the devil who will bite you.Youtr time is running ou “the devil made you do it …. remember Hansie ? ” Poor devil i must admit if he still exist then he is a hard working feller thgough ..!

  • arthur

    Ironically GOD loves you too Mr Al presedento ! You don’t hurt God you hurt his flock thats bad you know.Don’t mess around with our kidds nor with Gods children ….But he still loves you.While you have time repend ,pay back the money and stop you bulls**t.thats all easy nê.No bribes to God via the church,no nothing just say sorry admit and carry on my man so easy ..and yes please resign too my man eich you just make nonsens with the rand/dollar eich we suffa man we suffa..The people suffa man eich black and white man we suffa.

  • Fanandala

    The Devil wouldn’t even have to try in his case.
    “Please tempt me”.
    ” Nononono!”
    “OK, I will be corrupt anyway.”

  • Davebee

    M.L.K. ‘I have a dream…..J.Z. “I have a scheme”…………..Dear Lord, what did we do so very wrong to have this semi literate, ex goat herder as head of state? Please let us know.

  • Oh please, what utter rubbish. Honestly, how stupid does this nut think we are?! It as good as a rapist saying, “well, you didn’t pray enough for me, so I raped your daughter…” – so the cANCer wants to then blame us, as always, for their greed and being tempted to be corrupt. Sorry, it’s in their nature, not praying is going to make the slightest difference! Getting them out of power on the other hand IS!

  • Ray Mulder

    There is no such thing as satan and god is a fictitious power we plead to when we coc up. Rather stand in front of the mirror to view the real person who is tempting you.

  • Lagmygataf

    The Devil will be ashamed of you ! That is if you are not the Devil himself and his evil ANC disciples in Government supporting you. Satan Zuma

  • Kevin Powels

    does the devil have an Indian accent ????

  • Brian

    So now its the devils fault. Well, at least it is some admission of fault.

  • Erlo Muhl

    Repent and change your ways in such a way that all your unchristian ways of ruling turns into benefit for all citizens, through your change in attitude. Return all the embezzled money of you and your copilots, than the Christian people might be convinced to pray for you. You can bluff some of the citizens of our country but the Lord cannot be bluffed.

  • Sadick Mohamed

    The statement ‘The Devil is always trying to tempt us’ is an insult the nations’ intelligence. It no longer sounds like political speak. Did Mr Zuma not think that he would attract a barrage of sarcastic and comic response. Or is it his way to inject some humour into the holiness of this Easter weekend !

  • Sadick Mohamed

    …and then he appears to be the devil himself – by being corrupt !

  • Joe Soap

    “Devil” = greed. He’s trying to blame fictitious external forces for his actions. Passing the buck once again.

  • victor lossa

    The “Hansie maneuvre”….”The devil made me do it”……..”but I got far, far, far more richer….heh heh heh heh……”

  • MelcolmX

    The definition of this government is narcissistic egocentric, ethnocentric and oligarchic. Still locked into a heard mentality. And who is the “Devil” he might be referring, looking straight into the mirror!

  • Robert Dixon

    The devil certainly succeeds . . . !

  • Faizel Hassen

    Is the pot calling the kettle black !! Zuma is the devil and now he has Ramaphosa has the trickster !!

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