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Get alcohol delivered to your door in 60 minutes with Bottles app

Get alcohol delivered to your door in 60 minutes with Bottles app

Bottles, a new mobile app available in South Africa, will deliver alcohol to your door in 60 minutes.

The app is an on-demand delivery service specifically catering for alcohol and other drinks and mixers, operating in major areas around Joburg and Cape Town, with planned expansion to Durban coming soon.

According to the group, the app operates on a cashless basis, requiring users to register an address and credit card details which will be billed automatically once an order has been delivered.

The speedy delivery of 60 minutes (depending on traffic conditions) is achieved through the group’s “retail partner network” – meaning that your alcohol selection is purchased directly from retailers in your area.

Certain retailers may require a minimum order (of R150, for example) and may be subject to delivery fees, the group noted. These amounts are set by the retailers themselves.

The app also sells cigarettes and snacks – though all orders are restricted to users over the age of 18, and an ID is required to accept delivery.

According to Bottles, orders can be tracked via the app, while bills can also be split among a number of users, so long as they are also registered to the service. The app is available for free on iOS and Android.

The service is currently limited to main areas around Joburg (Bryanstan, Dunkeld, Fourways, Melville Northriding, Rosebank and others) and Cape Town (Bantry Bay, Camps Bay, Sea Point, Woodstock and others).

A full list of delivery areas can be found on the group’s website.

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    time to buy more shares in sab then

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    The suiplaps must be overjoyed.

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      We are

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    This is what we need to endure the anc trauma

  • Ray Mulder

    60 minutes? Sorry man I can’t wait that long…

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      Hahahahahahaaaa crazy crazy comment. made my weekend

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    My type of app!

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    Do we really need to make it easier for people to get their booze and smokes? On the other hand one benefit may be that you’ll have less drunks on the road going to the bottle store when supplies run low.

    • OnPoint

      Sit down kid…old people are talking. #Respect

  • Gatvol

    Lol ID required? I seriously doubt that the vehicle will turn back and make a loss after driving all that way on account of an ID…

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