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New DStv Explora decoder launch details

New DStv Explora decoder launch details

Multichoice says it has more than 30,000 DStv Exploras ready for the retail launch on 15 August.

MultiChoice unveiled its next-generation DStv PVR decoder, the DStv Explora in a glittering ceremony in Sandton last week.

The new DStv Explora will be available in retail stores from next week and is priced at R2,499.

According to MultiChoice, its factory in East London is producing approximately 20,000 new Exploras per month.

“Judging by the reaction from the media and consumers to Wednesday night’s launch, we have no doubt that the DStv Explora will prove to be very popular as it is the device that will take TV entertainment into the future,” the group said.

It features a 2 terabyte hard drive, which will allow subscribers to record up to 220 hours of high definition television.

In June, Naspers, the parent company of MultiChoice said its pay-television businesses recorded growth of 684,000 subscribers in the year ended March 2013, with the total base  at 5.6 million homes.

In South Africa the gross base added 492,000 to some four million households, of which 293,000 new clients came from the lower-priced Compact bouquet,” it said.

Naspers added that the roll-out of BoxOffice, where PVR subscribers view the latest blockbuster movies, proved popular with an average monthly rental of more than 300,000 movies.

In the rest of Africa, subscribers increased by 192,000 to reach 1.6 million homes. The lower-priced Compact/Family bouquets now account for 42% of the base.

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  • Monica Braganca

    Will DStv be allowing trade-ins with old HD-PVRs for the new Exploras?

  • iMcJaz

    Definitely not buying.

  • Niv

    Need to record 2 channels at once!

  • Because the digital satellite delivers has the efficiency of deliver high, the good quantity, strong in anti-jamming, the digital satellite broadcast television technique got the quick development.

  • Iain Robertson

    Until the tech specs come out, I cannot see, other than the ability to record even more repeats and a jazzy new user interface, what more the Explora offers at R2500 than the existing HD 2P at R1500.

  • Marius

    DSTV is very much like Netflix ! They just need to get rid of all the Crap Channels that no one hardly ever accesses, let alone, watch them !Especially the repeats of OLD CONTENT!!! And Yes ! DSTV has the figures to know exactly which channels are crap which should be scrapped ! Having said that, DSTV is very much like Netflix is because of their box office rentals which is becoming very popular (R25 per movie, avail for 24 hours, not bad) BUT………and this is a very big BUT !!!! If DSTV does not drop their prices in line with the real Mccoy (Netlix-live streaming) which will eventually reach many South African homes with the necessary broadband speed required to stream live TV ! Premier subscription for Netflix costs in the regent of 8$ in the states (R80.00) and the cost of their cable. The day will come(not too long off) that we South Africans will be able to pay roughly R250-R400 for 10Mbit/sec uncapped VDSL broadband in order to live stream Netflix (by changing IP addresses) and subscribing to the Premier service of only 8$ = R80.00…..which will put it under R500 for the best TV has to offer, when ever you want to stream with huge data base movies/series/content and NO ADDS ! Of course you will still have to live with the fact that there will be NO SPORT content ! Maybe we should get in some competition where a company could provide NETFLIX and Supersport @ R350.00 per month. I guarantee that the demand would be HUGE and everybody would be equal !! Why should there always be an elite group of people benefiting from having everything??

    • Mattewis Kat

      When I moved back from sTopTV to DSTV last month, ADS were the one bad aspect that I had already forgotten about DSTV. They really annoy the cr.p out of you with all their ADS, whereas sTopTV is mostly without them. Unfortunately ADS on DSTV have more entertainment value than the actual broadcast material on sTopTV!

  • Neelan

    Don’t know why you still need to pay a ‘PVR’ subscription on top of your DSTV package subscription…get with the times DSTV

  • Cobus

    You also need a 90cm dish, new cable, etc. to a minimum value of R1500 on top of the R2500 for the decoder. DSTV do not tell you that!!!!!

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