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E-tolls: what you’re going to pay

E-tolls: what you’re going to pay

The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) published new E-toll tariffs for public comment in the government gazette dated Wednesday, 9 October 2013.

This comes after the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal against E-tolling by the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa).

Sanral classifies users into four categories, and vehicles into four classes. The types of users are:

  • Registered e-tag user: has fitted an e-tag and registered an E-toll account;
  • Non-registered e-tag user: has fitted an e-tag, but not registered an account;
  • Registered VLN user: has registered an account, but not fitted an e-tag; and
  • Alternate user: everyone else, including users whose accounts are not up-to-date (tolls must be paid within 7 days).

The table below summarises the toll prices at the gantries that have been erected for motorcycles (class A1) and light vehicles (class A2). Small heavy motor vehicles (class B1), and large heavy motor vehicles (class C) are not shown.

Non-registered e-tag users and registered VLN users pay the fee in the “standard tariff” columns:

E-toll car and motorcycle prices Class A2 (light vehicle) Class A1 (motorcycle)
Plaza Standard tariff Registered E-tag users Alternate users Standard tariff Registered E-tag users Alternate users
1, Barbet (N1-21) R5.80 R3.00 R17.40 R3.48 R1.80 R10.44
2, Mossie (N1-21) R5.80 R3.00 R17.40 R3.48 R1.80 R10.44
3, Indlazi (N1-21) R5.63 R2.91 R16.89 R3.38 R1.75 R10.14
4, Pikoko (N1-21) R5.63 R2.91 R16.89 R3.38 R1.75 R10.14
5, Ivusi (N1-21) R5.34 R2.76 R16.02 R3.20 R1.66 R9.60
6, Flamingo (N1-21) R5.34 R2.76 R16.02 R3.20 R1.66 R9.60
7, Ihobe (N1-21) R6.50 R3.36 R19.50 R3.90 R2.02 R11.70
8, Sunbird (N1-20) R6.50 R3.36 R19.50 R3.90 R2.02 R11.70
9, Tarentaal (N1-20) R4.99 R2.58 R14.97 R2.99 R1.55 R8.97
10, Blouvalk (N1, 20) R4.99 R2.58 R14.97 R2.99 R1.55 R8.97
11, Owl (N1-20) R6.21 R3.21 R18.63 R3.72 R1.92 R11.16
12, Pelican (N1-20) R6.21 R3.21 R18.63 R3.72 R1.92 R11.16
13, King Fisher (N1-20) R5.51 R2.85 R16.53 R3.31 R1.71 R9.93
14, Ukhozi (N1-20) R5.51 R2.85 R16.53 R3.31 R1.71 R9.93
15, Fiscal (N1-20) R4.87 R2.52 R14.61 R2.92 R1.51 R8.76
16, Stork (N1-20) R4.87 R2.52 R14.61 R2.92 R1.51 R8.76
17, Ilowe (N1-20) R1.16 R0.60 R3.48 R0.70 R0.36 R2.10
18, Leeba (N3-12) R4.18 R2.16 R12.54 R2.51 R1.30 R7.53
19, Ibis (N3-12) R4.18 R2.16 R12.54 R2.51 R1.30 R7.53
20, Kiewiet (N3-12) R4.47 R2.31 R13.41 R2.68 R1.39 R8.04
21, Kwikkie (N3-12) R4.47 R2.31 R13.41 R2.68 R1.39 R8.04
22, Starling (N3-12) R4.76 R2.46 R14.28 R2.85 R1.47 R8.55
23, Rooivink (N3-12) R4.76 R2.46 R14.28 R2.85 R1.47 R8.55
24, Mpshe (N3-12) R3.83 R1.98 R11.49 R2.30 R1.19 R6.90
25, Oxpecker (N3-12) R3.83 R1.98 R11.49 R2.30 R1.19 R6.90
28, Phakwe (N12-18) R4.29 R2.22 R12.87 R2.58 R1.33 R7.74
29, Thaha (N12-18) R6.09 R3.15 R18.27 R3.65 R1.89 R10.59
30, Lenong (N12-18) R6.50 R3.36 R19.50 R3.90 R2.02 R11.70
31, Lekgwaba (N12-18) R4.70 R2.43 R14.10 R2.82 R1.46 R8.46
32, Loerie (N12-19) R6.38 R3.30 R19.14 R3.83 R1.98 R11.49
33, Gull (N12-19) R6.38 R3.30 R19.14 R3.83 R1.98 R11.49
34, Ilanda (N12-19) R4.70 R2.43 R14.10 R2.82 R1.46 R8.46
35, Bee-eater (N12-19) R4.70 R2.43 R14.10 R2.82 R1.46 R8.46
37, Hadeda (R21-1) R4.70 R2.43 R14.10 R2.82 R1.46 R8.46
38, Ntsu (R21-1) R4.70 R2.43 R14.10 R2.82 R1.46 R8.46
39, Heron (R21-1) R5.74 R2.97 R17.22 R3.45 R1.78 R10.35
40, Bluecrane (R21-1) R5.74 R2.97 R17.22 R3.45 R1.78 R10.35
41, Swael (R21-2) R8.12 R4.20 R24.36 R4.87 R2.52 R14.61
42, Letata (R21-2) R8.12 R4.20 R24.36 R4.87 R2.52 R14.61
43, Swan (R21-2) R6.67 R3.45 R20.01 R4.00 R2.07 R12.00
44, Weaver (R21-2) R6.67 R3.45 R20.01 R4.00 R2.07 R12.00
45, Hornbill (R21-2) R3.54 R1.83 R10.62 R2.12 R1.10 R6.36
47, Ugaga (N12-19) R5.34 R2.76 R16.02 R3.20 R1.66 R9.60
48, Inkovu (N4-1) R6.32 R3.27 R18.96 R3.79 R1.96 R11.37
49, Penguin (N4-1) R6.32 R3.27 R18.96 R3.79 R1.96 R11.37

According to Sanral, the per-gantry prices are calculated using the following per-kilometre rates:

  • Class A1 (motorcycles): 35c/km standard, 18c/km e-Tagged;
  • Class A2 (light vehicles): 58c/km standard, 30c/km e-Tagged;
  • Class B (medium heavy): 145c/km standard, 75c/km e-Tagged; and
  • Class C (large heavy): 290c/km standard, 150c/km e-Tagged.

Sanral has also proposed the following types of discounts:

  • time-of-day discount;
  • frequent user discount; and
  • grace-period discounts for alternate users.

If “alternate users” pay their tolls within the 7-day “grace period” they may receive discounts under the following circumstances:

  • If the user is registered with the Agency and has an e-tag but does not meet the criteria to be a registered e-tag user at the time of the e-toll transaction, they may qualify for the rates of registered e-Tag users.
  • If the user is identified by VLN but does not meet the criteria to be a registered VLN user at the time of the e-toll transaction, they may qualify for the standard rate.

Sanral’s proposed time-of-day discounts are summarised in the below table:

Time-of-day E-toll discounts (vehicle class in brackets)
Period Weekday Weekend Public holiday
(00:00, 05:00] 25% (A1, A2); 30% (B, C) 25% (A1, A2); 30% (B, C) 25% (A1, A2); 30% (B, C)
(05:00, 06:00] 10% (A1, A2); 25% (B, C)
(06:00, 10:00] 0% discount 15% (A1, A2); 25% (B, C)
(10:00, 14:00] 5% (A1, A2); 20% (B, C)
(14:00, 18:00] 0% discount
(18:00, 19:00] 10% (A1, A2); 0% (B, C) 25% (A1, A2); 30% (B, C)
(19:00, 23:00] 10% (A1, A2); 25% (B, C)
(23:00, 00:00] 25% (A1, A2); 30% (B, C)

Under the proposed regime of discounts for frequent users, Sanral has proposed to cap e-Tolls for registered e-Tag users at the following levels:

  • Class A1 (motorcycles): R250;
  • Class A2 (light vehicles): R450;
  • Class B (medium heavy): R1,750; and
  • Class C (large heavy): R3,500.

Light vehicle toll road users will also receive a 15% discount on tolls when their accounts are between R400 and R450. Once their accounts hit R450, the discount is effectively 100%.

These threshold values (and other E-toll prices) will be adjusted annually so as not to exceed the consumer price index for the previous 12 months, Sanral said.

Those interested may submit written comments on the draft notice to the Director-General of the Department of Transport within the next 29 days:

Mr T.H.M Mphahlele, [email protected], 012-309-3134 (fax).

Or by post: The Department of Transport, Private Bag X193, Pretoria, 0001.

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  • ReefZA

    E-tolls: what you’re going to pay, in short too much

  • eugenevisser

    Sorry I’m confused – when my bill reaches R450 then it is capped and I effectively get 100% discount? So just run up the bill and never pay?
    And when I come there as a tourist with my ZN car? Or a hire car? Then one trip around the ring road is gonna cost me in excess of R100? Well done Sanral/ANC, I will not be investing in Gauteng – bye bye, have a nice life.

    • Werner Ackermann

      R450 is the monthly cap, not the cap on the total bill.

  • eugenevisser

    So a 50km trip to work is going to cost you R29/R58/day, capped at R450 per month. That’s two weeks to pay, to weeks for free! #Ridiculous #Shambles

  • Red Baron

    How are they going to proof I went through the toll? I will sue them for harassment as there are a lot of illegal vehicles already on the road. How are they going to found my vehicle in Soweto which do not have adress.

  • PhlyBoy OhSoMazinG

    This is abuse of power

    • Bash

      Good morning and welcome! Here’s coffee.
      The damn thing is, uneducated people will always see “work in government” = “the right to make laws and rules”.

  • Law Abiding Citizen
  • nomad

    Ummmmm ja… So what happened to the “most users will pay less than R100 per month for e-Toll? You useless, lying bunch of monkeys. I will not pay…

  • Guest

    Is the “Alternate Tariff” for drivers without tags? Then what is the standard tariff?

    • I think the table is wrong: Standard is for registered uses without e-tags or unregistered users who pay with 7 days, then the e-tag users rate is self explanatory, and alternative is the rate for late payers. (after 7 days).

  • Hilton J Ralphs

    I’m closest to Owl (Malibongwe) and the rates are R6.21, R3.21, R18.63

    Just down the same highway is Ilowe (Soweto) where the rates unsurprisingly are R1.16, R0.60, R3.48.

    So I must pay more than five times as much as a person from Soweto and yet we both get only one vote in the elections?


    • If you want Soweto rates, you gotta live the Soweto lifestyle!

    • Witwolf

      And that’s for a taxi loaded with 30 passengers. So the are basically paying 2c per passenger and have full access to drive in the yellow lanes. Gotta love this country and their caring government.

    • Jameson Walker

      Either way, the Sowetans won’t be paying either. Oh and taxis are exempt too.

  • MdT

    I pay an obscene amount of tax every month, and Zuma builds himself a private palace. Now I have to pay even more for using PUBLIC roads! I’m so sick of the ANC stealing from this country! Vote Agang, vote EFF, vote IFP, vote DA, vote ACDP, vote FF+, vote for mickey mouse for all I care!! JUST STOP VOTING FOR THE ANC YOU BAT-BLIND FOOLS!!

    • Jameson Walker

      Any African party would do the same, it’s in their nature to steal and plunder, your best hope is the DA.

      Hopefully the EFF and FF will be stealing a lot more votes from previous anc votes. So hopefully the DA can win Gauteng. Considering how close the municiple elections were.
      The DA have already said they would stop etoll, this I can believe.

      Oh, and to those who don’t vote, please register ASAP and vote next year, just don’t vote anc!!!

      • Jaysen Bazinga Procter

        Someone give this man a beer. DA all the way.

  • Ash


    • Bash

      chances are you’ll still feel screwed in the end.

  • I count 17 gantrys as listed on the N1 for which the average price is around R17. I live in Kroonstad in the Free State and since I travel through Gauteng not more than twice a year, I will not register for an e-tag. I travel through Kroonstad to the north of Gauteng using the N1, the forward trip will cost around R289 and the return journey R578 as
    alternate user which will be capped to R450. WIll this be in addition to the Kroonvaal and Grasmere toll booths? I have not read anywhere that existing toll booths will be ecommissioned. I will think long and hard before I recommend any person from another province to use either Lanseria or O.R. Tambo airports as destination or departure points since the additional cost imposed by the e-toll system is not trivial for an out-of-province, once-off journey. Clearly Gauteng does not want visitors.

    • Kagiso

      Capping only applies to registered users.. 🙁

    • Registering for an e-tag is free, and the e-tag rate is way below the day pass rate, so even if you make one trip every 5 years it will pay to get a tag. Unless you don’t pay at all, that’s the cheapest option short term.

      I have read that all existing national toll roads will be converted to e-tolling over time.

      • brent

        Don’t register!!!

  • Chris

    They can fuck themselves, I’ll drive an alternate route.

    • Bash

      No. We make the whole thing irrelevant by just driving there and not paying, no matter what they do.

      • No! Drive. Don’t pay. Wait for summons. Go to court. Do whatever you can to delay them in dragging payment out of you. When judge says, ‘Pay!’, open your wallet and pay.

        Then do it all again. And again.

        If you just don’t pay, you’re not causing them maximum pain. If you’re gonna do this, you’ve got to make your protest count.

        The system WILL collapse if it costs them too much to collect the toll fees.

        • Deanos

          By the sounds of it, I doubt you have ever been to a South African court before!
          I have been 3 times for various traffic fines before.
          You get there at 07H30 and, assuming they have even seen you yet, you leave around 15H30!

          So to do this for E-Toll every week will just make them sit there and laugh at you while you just get more and more frustrated!

          Ultimately, I recon that is their plan… To just sit back and watch all of us get all hyped up, then eventually just give in like South African usually do after some time!

          I bet it would be a totally different story if the Taxi’s DID have to pay for the tolls! Then the shit would hit the fan! But now, it’s up to the rest of us who will all talk about it, and still do nothing!

          Do you think you will EVER see 10000 white people marching down the highways setting each and every gantry the pass on fire?!?!?!

          I doubt it!

          • Bert

            I heard that they will be opening special ‘e-Toll courts’, so much for priorities against crime. Also they will have their own Police Force patrolling the highways to enforce, not sure where the legislation is to support this.

      • brent

        exactly, don’t use an alternate route, just drive like you normally do and don’t ever pay them.

  • Billy

    I will not be paying this government any more tax and certainly they can shove
    the etag up their collective leech arses. They can send me a bill for every
    time my automobile goes through a gantry and it must conform to the Bills of
    Exchange Act for my conditional acceptance. Should I consent to accept such a
    BOE I will take it under onerous title, accept it for value, sign it with
    accommodation [All Rights Reserved] and registered mail it back to them as full
    payment via a negotiable instrument – the same species of ‘money’ the banks use
    when they access my security of person via the trust they created and then
    stole from me via my birth certificate. See also Maritime Admiralty Law
    [jurisdiction] Vs. Common Law. Also I am a man NOT a PERSON – I have a PERSON
    the etolls are for PERSONS DRIVING. I am not a DRIVER [for commerce] I am a
    TRAVELLER and I am free to travel freely. See Black’s Law Dictionary for the
    difference. This bullshit applies to persons as does the SA Constitution and
    Income Tax Act – OR SHOW me in these documents where it states a man or woman
    has to pay Income Tax. You cannot – it will say persons. SA Constitution = my
    toilet paper.

    • Bash

      You are not alone.
      But we see how the national adminstration of legal process is totally ignorant of the law. You cannot punish someone for violating a law without a court hearing. And yet all our cell companies suspended services of individuals who were not RICA compliant. South Africa has a population as stupid as its government is corrupt. The 2 deserve each other.

      • Mikey

        Im too young to deal with SA’s crap, soon as Im finished paying off ridiculously high student loans I’m off. Cheers

        • CypherGate

          Insanely high students loans are in many countries as well. Especially in America. As i can say for E-tolling is that its just plain stupid. We pay enough tax already. We dont need to keep giving out more money. People need to survive and here they just want to take more money from us who all work hard for it.

    • metaluya

      Please explain again your method of payment in simple layman terminology.

  • Rob Hutchinson

    Best thing is to not buy an e-Tag. There is no law that says you have to buy one, the law just says you have to pay. Wait for a bill in the mail and then pay (or not). The mountain of admin will collapse the system. Get a PROUDLY e-Tag FREE sticker now facebook. com/proudly.etagfree

  • Those charts are incomplete. There doesn’t seem to be a figure in the ‘alternate users’ column for how much it’ll cost us in fines and other court-related fees.

    Cos my way of dealing with this will be to pay only after a judge orders me to pay. I intend making my pathetic trips down the freeway cost them as much as possible to collect.

  • ricclark

    An alternate user means that this will only apply to EVERY SECOND CAR. Why can’t these people learn to speak proper English!

  • iszi

    Not one Etoll cent these thieving f!@#$s will get from me!

  • Deanos

    OK, so we get the point…. SANRAL is out to screw us all…
    No E-Tag, high travel bill….
    No Money to pay for tolls = unable to get to work as alternate routes will cost more in fuel than highway costs!
    So what is their actual point then?
    To stop everybody from driving on the roads???????

    Also, I ride a motor cycle and, yes, I do have a number plate on my bike!

    But what are they going to do about all the other cars and bikes that DON’T have a number plate? Will that be “free traveling” for them?

    OH well, anybody know where to buy velcro strips????
    Number plates on while off the highway, number plates OFF while on the highway!

    HA! Catch me if you can SANRAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Red Baron

      Why do we pay for nearly getting killed every day with all the pedestrians walking on and across the Toll roads? But rest assured that SanRal and the Govt will soon cotton on to the idea that in future a law will be passed that makes it illegal to be driving on a toll road without a fully registered ETag in/on you vehicle, trust me its comming soon, then their “sanral cops” will have carte blanche to fine or extort money from any offender on a Toll road, and they will, just look at the corrupt cops operating on the roads at present, you aint seen nothing yet.

  • brent

    I’m not paying so this is irrelevant!!!

  • KeeS

    I wont pay this. No number plate, fast bike. Catch me if you can.

  • Deanos

    Ultimately, I recon that their plan is to open the gantry’s, then just sit back and watch all of us get all hyped up, then eventually just give in and pay up like South Africans usually do after some time!

    I bet it would be a totally different story if the Taxi’s DID have to pay for the tolls! Then the shit would hit the fan! But now, it’s up to the rest of us who will all talk about it, and still do nothing!

    Do you think you will EVER see 100000 white people marching down the highways setting each and every gantry they pass on fire?!?!?!
    I doubt it!

    Do you thing that people will ever stop voting for the ANC????
    I doubt it!

    Will the E-Toll system collapse?
    Not in the near future!

  • Dave Ingram

    How will they collect revenue from Motorcycles when most of them do not have number plates?

  • Logic

    I would like to see a proper plan as to what sanral is going to do with the toll money collected.

    I would like to know where every cent of “my contribution” will be spent!

    I would like to know why current taxes on fuel and normal taxation is not covering road upkeep, as is meant to!

    I would like to know why we need e-tolls!!!

  • Logic

    Carte Blanche coverage of e-toll….
    23.07 minutes into carte blanche….

  • Logic

    sorry guys…you have to be registered as a full DSTV subscriber 😉

  • ANCrap
  • Octerain

    Here is the link to the greedy bastards that we need to start engaging.

    If each of us starts to send them links to the coments on this topic, those folks that we target may soon start to ask a few other questions.

    Please let us start an email database to ensure we can reach workers form etol and Kapsch TrafficCom so that likeminded folks with the right tools can start the ellectronic war that we should wage.

  • Michael

    We are all just frogs slow cooking in our own taxes and not noticing we’re in trouble until it’s too late. The government takes here, and takes there in so many different ways, and slowly but surely the guy on the street ends up indirectly working for the government and not for himself. And what does government give back to us?.. Corruption, bad services, bad healthcare etc. etc. We have paid for these roads over and over multiple times:- Fuel tax, car licence, tolls etc. Luckily for the government there are millions of self suffering South Africans who will never take a stand for anything. We like to complain but we don’t ever do anything to fix things, and we don’t support those who do take a stand. South Africans are used to being used and used to battling along in life, so we accept this as our fate and just keep paying until we either go broke or die. Either way the government has their money and don’t care. Funny how the very entity which is in place to serve the citizen, is in many cases the main cause of his/her downfall in life. I wonder how many politicians got into politics to help their fellow citizens, and how many just followed the money trail. E-tolls are only the beginning. There are lots of empty politician pockets still left to fill.

  • Mladen Alfeldi

    I am not sure why everybody is moaning about this. We (as a collective) have voted these guys into power and by this gave them the full authority to tax and e-toll us for all we are worth.
    All they are doing is exercise these rights.
    And as much as the upper class is moaning about this, poor will be most affected by this through basic goods price increases.
    Unfortunately they are uneducated and in majority so unless a miracle happens will vote the same government in again and we will be going in circles some more.
    So what we should be doing is educating people as much and as fast as we can which in turn will bring some real democracy.
    Sad but true.

    • Deanos

      I didn’t vote for them!!!!!

      • Mladen Alfeldi

        read my post carefully, I said we as a collective, meaning majority did

        • Deanos

          I did and I do understand….
          But I still didn’t vote for them…

          • Mladen Alfeldi

            lol, nobody that is complaining here did, the ones that will march on the highway however did vote them in and will do so again because they don’t see an alternative

    • Michael

      Yes. This makes sense why the ruling party isn’t really trying too hard to educate the youth. The amount of money spent ‘studying’ the education problem in SA over the years, and the money spent on pointless commisions of enquiry could have built more schools and subsidised those very schools to make fees cheaper, which at the end of the day equals MORE education. BUT.. The ruling party does not want an educated public, because an educated public will not stand for the mess they are making and will vote them out. i.e. The ruling party have the un-educated masses exactly where they want them. The dumb leading the dumber..

      • Mladen Alfeldi

        100% except for the last statement, nothing dumb about our leadership, just overconfident 🙂

  • WillemDev

    “E-tolls: what you’re going to pay” – Foooookol

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