Petrol price hike expected for June

The petrol price is expected to rise between 48 cents and 52 cents a litre in June, according to the Automobile Association (AA).

The roadside assistance provider said that it expects diesel to rise between 52 cents and 56 cents per litre, and illuminating paraffin by around 50 cents a litre.

This is in line with unaudited mid-month data released by the Central Energy Fund, showing an under-recovery at the same price-points.

“Despite the relative stability of the Rand/US dollar exchange rate, the basic fuel price has been driven upwards by increases in international petroleum prices,” the AA said.

“Although some price stability has been evident in recent days, a substantial appreciation in either the exchange rate or international pricing would be needed maintain the current fuel price come month end,” it said.

The petrol price was unchanged in May, while the cost of diesel, illuminating paraffin, and liquid petroleum gas declined following a run of record breaking increases in recent months.

The current inland price of 95 octane petrol is at R12.83 a litre.

In January motorists experienced some relief when prices dropped by R1.23 a litre for 95 octane petrol and R1.27/litre for 93 octane petrol. This was due to the weakening of the rand/dollar exchange rate offset by a drop in international oil prices.

In February the retail prices of both grades of petrol dropped by 93 cents/litre and the maximum retail price for LPG tumbled a massive R1.50/kg.

In March petrol went up by 96 cents/litre, while diesel rose by 74 cents and paraffin by 73 cents. The increase came after a drop in fuel prices as the global oil price plummeted.

Fuel prices increased by a record R1.62 a litre in April.

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Petrol price hike expected for June