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Why Zuma sacked Nene according to the EFF and DA

Why Zuma sacked Nene according to the EFF and DA

President Jacob Zuma has exercised his constitutional prerogative to appoint a new finance minister, the ANC said on Wednesday.

The ruling party respected Zuma’s decision, spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.

Earlier on Wednesday, Zuma announced that Nhlanhla Nene would be replaced by ANC MP David van Rooyen.

Nene was to be deployed to another “strategic position” which would be announced in due course.

“We believe his [Van Rooyen’s] experience and tenure as the ANC National Assembly Whip for both Finance Portfolio Committee and ANC Caucus’ Economic Transformation Cluster will enable him to provide the necessary leadership in the department,” Kodwa said.

The ANC wished Van Rooyen well in his new job.

It also commended Nene for the “excellent service he rendered” and said he remained a valuable resource in the organisation.


EFF reaction

The EFF called the appointment of new Finance Minister David van Rooyen “a sign of a serious pathological crisis in the leadership and direction of the country”.

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi on Wednesday called Van Rooyen an unknown, inexperienced, sophomore… “with questionable political credentials”.

“Zuma has appointed him because he knows that Van Rooyen will not stand up to him when he wants to do wrong things. Van Rooyen will be so eternally grateful, absolutely starstruck that anything Zuma asks for will go. Van Rooyen will be prepared to even approve further upgrades to Zuma’s Nkandla home by putting a private zoo that has exotic animals like domesticated tigers.”

Ndlozi further lamented the shuffle, saying Nene has been moved because he “refused illegal instructions from Zuma and his friends in both business and state owned enterprises”.

“Nene refused to give South African Airways [SAA] guarantees and bailout when Zuma’s girlfriend and chairperson of the board requested it. Nene also refused to buy Zuma a new luxurious private jet and declined to grant Zuma’s staff exemptions from using expensive hotels and flying first class.

“Above all, Nhlanhla Nene was reluctant to approve the country’s new nuclear deal which Zuma wanted expedited so he can benefit before his term as president ends. There can be no more shocking news coming out of South Africa to signify that we are a country in crisis, with no knowledge of what tomorrow holds.”

Ndlozi added that the EFF cautioned that with President Jacob Zuma “you must either be corrupt or you fall out of favour with him”.

“No one in the world will trust a political leadership that changes cabinet and finance ministers like underwear. A decision to change a person that presides over the treasury of the country must come with substance, be predictable and not come as a shock. If so, we all doubt what is being intended with the taxes of the people.

“The EFF rejects this reshuffle and calls on the people of South Africa to reject the ANC in the local government elections.”


DA reaction

Removing Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene is a reckless and dangerous move, Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said on Wednesday.

The move further damaged the country’s economy, he said in a statement.

“Accompanied by no reasons for such a drastic move, one can only conclude that tonight’s action is yet another example of how President Zuma puts himself first and the country second.

“President Zuma has made one thing very clear tonight: if you stand in my way as finance minister and seek to introduce fiscal prudence, you will find yourself redeployed and cast aside.”

Maimane said it was common knowledge that Nene tried to reign in excessive government spending which caused a block when it came to the nuclear procurement deal and SA Airways.

Maimane said Van Rooyen’s appointment provided no assurance that the country’s economy was in safe hands.

“President Zuma has again proven himself to be a president incapable of making the right decisions to set South Africa on a path to increased economic growth and job creation.

“At this time, our country requires strong economic leadership. Tonight’s decision is the complete opposite,” he said.

The DA has vowed to subject Van Rooyen to close oversight.


UDM Reaction

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa on Wednesday said he is not surprised by the decision to remove Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene.

This was given the country’s leadership which was both “morally corrupt and intellectually challenged”, he said.

“They must do us a favour and just recall Zuma, because we never voted for him. He must fall,” Holomisa added.

Holomisa believed Zuma’s relationship with SA Airways chairperson Dudu Myeni had a role to play.

“We know Nene was dressed down by this lady in an ANC study group for refusing to bail her out.

“It is the same morally challenged leadership that wanted to roll out a nuclear programme that Nene did not condone,” Holomisa said.


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    #ZumaMustFall – Pass it on

    • Lance

      #ZumaMustFall, it’s going to be up to us to change this we have to for the sake of our children and future generations.

  • Sonic2k

    This is the first step in the sequence, to securing himself a third term.
    After this he will do exactly what Mugabe has done, and will remain in power until he dies.

    • Xileer

      “God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed. It is even blessed in Heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back. We should not allow anyone to govern our city when we are ruling the country.”

      – Jacob Zuma

      • Jacobus Pienaars

        “My lord, he’s a gonna come….”

    • Jacobus Pienaars

      Or till the crowd arrives

  • Do the right thing


    • Skoppienaai Sewinduit


      • Silver King

        Still think a boom stick to the face is better. Plus it is not like we will be able to afford a high velocity rifle now with this exchange rate anyway.

      • Flaptrap De Wet

        Ek laaik jou

  • Marc

    Bye South Africa, you were a nice country before the wrecking ball called Jacob Zuma started smashing you to pieces. RIP.

  • rouxenator

    It’s a decoy. With everyone up in arms about this he will now change the constitution to grant him unlimited terms as president. He is Mugabe 2.0

    • Charl van der Merwe

      you need 66% to change the constitution, which they don’t have.

      • rouxenator

        You have seen how he deals with obstacles? He’ll just get rid of the requirement and change it anyway. There is no end to what he will do to ensure he stays in power, living the good life.

        • Jacobus Pienaars

          Getting rid of requirement IS changing the constitution….

        • Sonic2k

          He is doing exactly what Mugabe did… he learnt from the best.

          • rouxenator

            Why can’t he be like Ian Khama instead?

          • Worried

            You want to see how corrupt it is in that country??

          • rouxenator

            Their currency is still stronger than ours.

      • “Ve haff vays und means! Ja!”

    • Jacobus Pienaars

      He needs the support of other parties to change the constitution. Guess what the chances of that is…

      • rouxenator

        You don’t seem to get it, do you? He is above the law and the constitution. He has millions of people that will keep him in power no matter what he does.

        • Sonic2k

          Rouxenator my boy, don’t waste your breath. Some people don’t realize the constitution is already just a piece of paper, and its been this way since the buffoon came into power.

          • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

            But it will magically protect us with it’s inky superpowers!!!!!!!

      • jandr0

        Jacobus Pienaars, your naive belief that people in power will actually play by the rules is incredible.

        Government is the problem. All over the world.

    • Sonic2k

      Agreed, he is indeed another Mugabe.
      And it is a decoy.
      Within the next year I expect to see the constitution changed, as well as a whole plethora of laws being signed in. The sh*tstorm is about to start.

      • LBS

        And what do we all do? We just sit here and moan among ourselves and doing nothing at all! Forget about voting, we are by far not enough, but what about our taxes??? Please, can someone come up with a good plan?

        • #ZumaMustFall

          All we need is a good old fashioned coup. Screw the legal routes…

          • Sonic2k

            Unfortunately too many people in SA with ostrich syndrome, and even more who won’t stick with you, to make said coup a success.

          • LBS

            That’s the problem, people don’t stand together like the masses do with their protest actions.

          • GatvolVirrieKak

            I’m in..

        • Sonic2k

          I am considering going into a form of employment where I get paid cash, and under the table so that I can cut my taxes off from this buffoon.

        • Kaylin Minx

          move to europe.. except its now plagued by extremist muslims. nowhere is safe… USA maybe?

          • John Doe

            Wow you must be rich if you can afford to go to Europe. Have you seen the exchange rate?

          • Donovan Nell

            im heading there. wanna tag along? lol.

          • Kaylin Minx

            depends what part of europe

          • Will homeby

            You are aware that there is more to Europe than France. Besides, most of Europe has very little or stagnant growth, with very little job opportunities. As for the US, they too are plagued with lunatic white males shooting up just about every everyone.

          • Guest

            I know like the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands. Oh wait, that’s right.

          • Lee Minnesota

            EU is a disaster because of their bad policy and you still believe the USA is the land of hope and glory. LOL.

      • He doesn’t need to change the constitution. He will simply arrange for his ex-wife to take over as president, and he will continue to rule as the “power behind the throne”.

        • Sonic2k

          Indeed, he doesn’t need to do any of that, he has more than one way to skin the cat

  • Charl van der Merwe

    Seriously Time to get out,I don’t think I have any energy to be positive about this country anymore, I’m all tapped out.

    • The Gdwag

      100% agree, loyalty and patriotism has its limits.

    • Coenraad Loubser

      Cool, go. I’ll take your place, no problem. I’ve seen this all coming for 20 years and have been planning ever since. Send us a postcard when you get bored with debates about punctuation or completely irrelevant regulation over there.

      • Charl van der Merwe

        I would love a life where the highlight of my day was a conversation over punctuation, and not how a friend’s house was broken into, or how our president laughs at his country in parliament or throws away the countries future with backbender finance minister to allow him to get backhanders from russians with trillion rand nuclear deals.
        Or where the rubbish lines our streets because of the 50th strike happening this year

        Oh I wish.

        Nice try though making our “exciting South African Life” appealing, cause it aint.

        • USA-Macassar

          I agree with you, I made the move and I made the right decision. I am colored lady , educated but the opportunity wasn’t and still isn’t there for us. I am in a position now to help my family in South Africa. Come to the land of the free ( not so free anymore) LOL

          • shantell Louise washington

            Hey why not go back to south Africa then

        • Coenraad Loubser

          You know why it is? Because it’s a challenge solving those problems. If you can fix something here, you can fix it anywhere. Give me a hard problem like those to solve any day, everything else is just mental masturbation, and don’t be fooled into thinking that they have been solved – even the world’s of those leading the most glossy nations, often teether on the edge of chaos, they’re just have a bigger rug to sweep things under.

    • Grant

      Is is the “country” or current “leadership” you can’t feel positive about?

      • Charl van der Merwe

        who is putting that leadership in power, without fail, scandal after scandal after scandal ?

        • Wayne Burger

          Your Right Charl, sorry for the country but the country can survive a Zuma but it can’t survive the stupid electorate that put him there.

    • the-TRUTH

      It’s becoming apparent that Jacob Zuma is a reckless and deeply dangerous man who must be made to face his up to his failures, shortcoming and crimes. But we must #VoteANCoutDuring2016Elections

      • Brigid

        you are asking a man who was born brain damaged to face up to his failures? He does not have the emotional depth to understand even why he wakes up in the mornings

    • Thabiso Gabanakgosi

      You say “This country” not “My country” please go we don’t need pathetic pretentious people like you in my country. I lived 12 years overseas I am back volentarily now to my country to come and help even just one person or one community from the the Zuma and ANC madness. This is my beloved country I will fight the ANC and Zuma with my intelligence. I am not running away like the pretentious domesticated foreighners that loved this country but only their comfort in their glass houses. Please go you are just coward like the ANC executive committee that can not recall Zuma who is doing worse than Thank Mbeki.

      • Braam van Wyk

        Lets try again
        Thabiso I must agree with you – running away is giving zuma what he wants and all the cronies in his camp and dumb and dumber high rocky running our country?
        I also believe that we must stop blaming zuma as he has not got what it takes to fixed this country?
        App van Rooyen has just proofed it again?
        Vote for another party , party with vision and brains

    • Padraigin Eagle

      View from the canyon: Never tap out

      The Cabal have destroyed Europe, Amerika in the toilet, middle kingdoms a’ burning, Australia’s time is a coming, stick around Charl, there are moves afoot that will change the local landscape, and if all else fails, Namibia is the perfect bolt-hole, I recommend the Etosha plains as salve for the emotional pains 😉

  • Dave

    No Airbus deal = no big kickbacks for the Zuma/Gupta tribe…

  • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth

    This is why a democracy does not work

    • Jacobus Pienaars

      Seems to: 1. Work is a lot of countries that you would like to emigrate to 2. Works only as well as we, the population, do.
      I somehow do not see you as being happy in North Korea.

      • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth

        I said was leaving?

        That is obviously your thinking, since it never came from me.

        Spurious assumptions deserve rebuke.

        If you are unable to think outside of the democracy box, does not mean democracy is the solution when it has so clearly failed. Try thinking laterally.

        • ToothyGrinn

          You assume we have a democracy now

          • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth

            Labelled as democracy yes, actual, no ways. Same page

        • quiken

          We are a socialist country with a democratic mask being crafted into state capitalism. In short, not good! 😛

          • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth

            There is nothing socialist about South Africa.

          • Kent Van Heerden

            Actually there is, our healthcare system. Probably the only good thing about ZA.

          • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth

            What healthcare system? You have seriously got to be joking. I hope you don’t mean the state hospitals which are plundered daily and the sick are sent home.

          • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth

            Don’t mistake ‘state capitalism disguised as a democracy

          • Brian Exmachina

            Just curious, what do you think democracy means? Democracy only means we vote for our leaders. As such, we are quite clearly a democratic country. Democratic countries can be a number of other things as well, but the fact that we vote for who is in power is what makes us a democracy.

      • Silver King

        Don’t think North Korea is a democracy. South Korea is and they are doing well even with all those missiles pointed at them.

  • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth


  • We will not succumb to the ANC’s destruction of our economy and be forced to leave. We simply exit the Rand and invest in hard currency, gold bullion and offshore real estate…fantastic cash flows and asset protection. Here is what the ANC has achieved:
    The trend lines show what should have been vs what has happened.

  • Ian j

    Its as if he wants the Country to Fail…

    • Tau’ri

      Why ‘as if’?

  • morphman

    F*****************K. SO he can steal even more of our money.
    I loved my country so much, but he is making it more and more difficult to believe in this so called government of his, our government that is supposed to look after the people of SA. But its zuma’s government that looks after him and his mafia.

    • LBS

      The Government is supposed to work for US, the public and taxpayers, but noooooooooooooooooo….. they all think they are our BOSSES and act that way, and GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

      • jandr0

        [The Government is supposed to work for US, the public and taxpayers…]

        I am sorry, but that is laughably naive. No government has ever worked for anything else than itself – its politicans and career bureaucrats.

        Oh yes, they TELL you that they are supposedly working for you (in fact, you are indoctrinated into that falsehood from the moment you first step into your state school – oops, state indoctrination institution), but that does not mean that they actually, really care about you.

        The enduring worldwide, naive belief in governments never stops amazing me.

  • Cosmic Bob

    Isn’t it time for another vote of no confidence in Zuma?

    • Sonic2k

      That is about as useful as a brick thrown at an oncoming train

      • LBS

        Yip, the ANC gatkruipers in Parliament simply outvote the others. This so-called “democracy” of ours is a stinker!

        • Sonic2k

          Indeed, but always remember, democracy doesn’t work in third-world sh1tholes run by dictatorial types hungry for power and money

      • Cosmic Bob

        I know what you mean. But what would you suggest as a realistic alternative?

    • CRM083

      It is time for civil revolt.

    • Cosmic Bob

      I hear you. But what would you suggest as a realistic alternative?

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    So it was the girlfriend…. God, this man is a stupid twat.

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    Joburg will fall in the coming year, showerhead…. PE as well….

    • TheZenOfZen

      Quite possibly. The thought does provide some hope, but seeing how Jacob plays this game, I am sure he will find a way to overcome that obstacle.

  • Urban Legend

    and the typical african continent mentality continues

  • Alex1688


    Zuma will do what Putin did. Constitutionally he is not allowed to run a 3rd term, so…. he will put one of his cronies into run for one term (maybe even change the constitution that time?) and then come back after that and run again for the next few terms!

  • Peter the Observer


  • Mike

    Dude!! Seriously funny name. You must be from Cape Town. LOL!!!!!!!

    • LBS

      Or adopted by white parents?

  • Tokolosh Nkosi

    Is this the last straw? Bad advisors is all I say!

  • Nathi Baloyi

    #Zuma must fall, this country isnt his to destroy. He must just craw back to where he came from.

  • >> “…The ANC wished Van Rooyen well in his new job….” In other words: “Good Luck – you’re gonna’ need it!”

  • Frank

    Watch out for election rigging next. It already happened with the IEC unwilling to take responsibility for it. There, 1/3 of the voters were not from the area. Who put them there if not the ANC? Watch the next elections and then the main ones. Zuma and the ANC are totally corrupt and will do anything to stay in power, exactly like Mugabe. The rand will go to hell, and everyone will be really poor, but as they say, this is Africa, so what’s the problem?

  • Wendy

    The first sign of Dementia?? Giggling inappropriately.

  • Warren Harvey


  • CRM083

    Can the new minister count?

  • Gideon

    Now he appoints a stooch with questionable qualifications – you can get a certificate for not going to the loo in while or/at attending a useless meeting or anything else you can dream about. How on earth can you obtain a masters degree, or any other degree, on ground of his qualifications? This is just another person with dream-like qualifications to assist Zuma to destroy the country. The main problem is that that this tipe of person appointed will believe that he is wonderful with wonderful qualifications and the right person for the job – the gods spare us.Soon we’ll start dreaming about living in a wonderful country like Zimbabwe. The solution of this problem is obvious not of a politically, or more exactly, politically correct, matter. We wait for the right person or institution to appear!

  • Bill

    I’m sure that for may people like me this is the last straw. After all of the dreadful debacles that have happened on Mr Zuma’s watch this one could well be the one that hammers the nail into our ‘economic suicide’ coffin!

    My question is this. Where are the true leaders of the ANC when the people need you? Men and women with courage who are prepared to say “enough is enough”. Surely Mr Zuma can’t have all of you wrapped around his finger? Or is moral bereftness, corruption and incompetence all pervading in the party?

    • Gideon

      Bill, are you sure the intelligence, will or common sence are at all available in the ANC or its supporters? I have serious doubts. Perhaps we must start to learn from the ANC from before apartheid, Strength is the answer, not political followers. Where are the freedom fighters from our society? In Australia or just a useless bunch?

    • Masepurs

      They are all dead

  • DeadlyBreakingSword

    Van Rooyen will be prepared to even approve further upgrades to Zuma’s Nkandla home by putting a private zoo that has exotic animals like domesticated tigers.”

  • Visionery1 .

    For a moment I thought David van Rooyen was white… I was quite surprized when I saw him taking the oath during the lunchtime news. It would be interesting to know a little about his past: parents, education etc.

    • Jonathan Pompies

      They chose someone with a YT name so that once everything has collapsed they can say “See, it was a Van Rooyen” & the idiot libtard foreign media will think the YT did it…

  • judd stone

    Zizi Kodwa has zero credibility or morality. He is so far up Zuma’s anus that he thinks its always nightime.;

  • Grant

    Just watch what van Rooyen does and you’ll know Zuma’s agenda!

  • Ofentse Letsholo

    Yeah SA doesn’t look good at all

  • Car Guard

    I wonder what Zuma looks like in Dudu’s dress and high heel shoes ?

  • the-TRUTH

    The constitutional prerogative of our country’s head of state to appoint must be revoked and amended to ensure the process of appointing cabinet members is a multi-stakeholder process

    • the-TRUTH

      Now I wish ANC MPs could unite with other MPs and agree to impeach their comrade for bringing our country into disrepute. Clearly Jacob Zuma is not putting first the interests of the country and the welfare of the citizens, hence he needs to be recalled by the ANC before our country is destroyed to the ground

  • Cynic Scepticism

    Bye bye SA. It was fun while it lasted. Sink in peace, the beloved country.

  • chris

    I think its time to ask the foreign countries to help and to send supplies and nail Zuma to the wall. Enough is enough its not nice when there is so much conflict in a country but if Zuma doesn’t want to fall willingly then I suppose force is all that will work.


    Jacob Zuma is a liability he has to be removed from that office,south africans lets unite and remove this old lad.

  • Frank Payne

    If I was Nene and had the courage of my convictions, I would be very worried at the latest turn of events. To have an about turn of this nature, where a total novice is placed in charge of an economy on its knees, must be an insult to his intelligence. There is much talk about past ministers of finance having been competent and on top of their jobs, but where are they now, when decisive leadership is needed? Are they so tightly linked to an ANC leadership gang, hell bent on destroying the economy for heaven only knows what reason, that they don’t have the courage to stand up and make their voices known to the electorate, most of whom don’t have a clue as to what is going on. These people have the stature and the knowledge to tell the true story and explain its implications to those who haven’t the knowledge to understand, so why the silence? Are they all standing on the sidelines, whilst the country slips down the slope of mediocrity because they don’t care, or they have it so good, or is it that they are scared? Whatever the reasons, they are doing nothing to justify the lauding of their past achievements, but instead are cowering in the background. We need people of knowledge of the issues and influence among the population at large, to tell this story NOW, before we are really relegated to Failed State status. The actions taken by Zuma, don’t make any logical economic sense, but have all the tmarkings of an alternative and secret agenda, which is a worying scenario. Nothing else makes sense.

  • Colin Edwards

    Proposed headline – “Do Do threatens revoke Jacob’s personal landing rights unless she gets her Boeing toy.”

  • Kristoffel Wiesyafader

    THis reminds me of an old joke. If a Kingdom is ruled by a King and an Empire by an Emperor, it only makes sense that our CUNTry is ruled by a ….

  • Sam

    Please sign the petition “Thuli Madonsela: Zuma needs to step down.
    Government in SA needs to change before its too late. You could help by adding your name.
    The goal is to reach 75,000 signatures and South Africa needs support.
    Read more and sign the petition here:

  • jjstccean

    The man is a menace! Get him out!

  • johnjohn

    If zupra can be given a chance he can sell this country and his anc to the highest bidder,a very dangerous,lost siek man.he will go down to the guiness book as one of the many presidents who enriched himself and his familly,i wonder what his family think of him when they see other people suffering when they are on top of the world,there must be some macanisms to reposes once out of office.south africans with our votes lets do the right thing

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