South Africa a Banana Republic under Zuma: EFF

The EFF says the redeployment of Pravin Gordhan to the ministry of finance proves that South Africa is a joke.

“The reappointment of Pravin Gordhan as finance minister by Zuma is an official admission that we truly are [a] joke as South Africa. Effectively, the country has had three finance ministers in one week. If anyone still does not think we are in a Banana Republic, they cannot be helped,” the party said in a statement.

“No amount of explanation can save the ANC from the embarrassment and the joke they have put the entire country through.”

The Presidency confirmed on Sunday that the two ministers would be swapping seats. David van Rooyen was appointed on Wednesday and sworn on Thursday after Nhlanhla Nene was shown the door. His appointment sent the markets tumbling resulting in the rand plummeting to its lowest mark in years.

Gordhan was minister of co-operative governance.

The EFF called for the resignation of Zuma before he could inflict further damage to the country.

“The EFF calls for the immediate resignation of Zuma before he plunges the country into a deeper crisis. Zuma is a humiliation and disaster for South Africa, who prioritises personal aspirations at the expense of the country. The ruling party should now appreciate that the country is more important than the personal interests of one individual.”

President Jacob Zuma is playing Russian roulette with the country’s economy, the DA said on Sunday.

The party said Zuma’s announcement of Pravin Gordhan as the new minister of finance, was a sign and admission that he was reckless and irrational in firing Nhlanhla Nene.

“President Zuma has been playing Russian roulette with our economy and future as a country over the past five days. Our currency has reached record lows, our banks have lost billions on the JSE [Johannesburg Stock Exchange] and the confidence of investors and ratings agencies has plummeted,” the party said in a statement.

“It is common sense to have in Cabinet a proven finance minister who brings fiscal discipline to the government. And we trust Minister Gordhan will continue to hold the line of former Minister Nene in respect of SAA and the nuclear build procurement deal.”

The party said while it saw the appointment of Gordhan, who was previously finance minister, before being made minister of co-operative governance, as a move to restore some confidence in South Africa’s economy, it appeared as though the announcement was merely a result of Zuma having to bow to internal pressure.

“The cost of Jacob Zuma to our country has now reached its ceiling. Our country cannot continue to be led by a flip-flopping President who has complete disregard for the well-being of the country and its citizens.

“It is quite clear that the president did not anticipate the damage his decision would do to South Africa’s economy nor the backlash he would receive both from the public and from inside the tripartite alliance,” the DA said.

The party added that the decision vindicated reports that Nene was removed because of his standing firm on the SAA Airbus deal on top of trying to delay the nuclear build procurement deal.

“It is very evident that Wednesday evening’s announcement was all about Jacob Zuma and not about what was in the best interests of South Africa. There was no need for South Africa to have had to endure the effects of the poor, irrational decision made on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it is the poor and unemployed who will bear the brunt of what the President has done,” said the party.


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South Africa a Banana Republic under Zuma: EFF