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Here is a list of South Africans going to Davos in 2016

Here is a list of South Africans going to Davos in 2016

There are 53 South Africans attending the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting being held in Davos next week, including eight government officials.

This accounts for nearly half of the 115 delegates attending from the African continent in total.

In 2015, 51 delegates from South Africa attended, including eight government officials. In 2014 the figure was 40 delegates, with 10 government officials.

The WEF’s annual meeting, held at the Swiss mountain resort of Davos from January 20-23, will bring together thousands of high-profile delegates in business, finance and governance from around the globe.

In 2016, President Jacob Zuma will once again be joined by seven other ministers, including minister of water and sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane; finance minister, Pravin Gordhan; and energy minister, Tina Joemat-Pettersson.

Joining the government delegates are high profile CEOs and leaders from some of South Africa’s biggest companies and financial institutions, including Naspers chairman, Koos Bekker; Barclays Africa CEO, Maria Ramos, Nedbank chief exec Mike Brown and billionaire, Patrice Mostsepe.

The list of Davos attendees often bears scrutiny, particularly in terms of public representatives attending, as the costs involved are reportedly staggeringly high, costing between $20,000 and $50,000 per delegate.

South Africans are currently extremely sensitive to spending in dollars, following a crash in the currency that has pushed it to new lows versus the greenback.

At current exchange rates, it could cost between R330,000 and R830,000 to send a single delegate to the event, and with eight government officials, that bill could stretch as high as R6.6 million.

Here is the full list of South African attendees:


Name Role Company
Jacob Zuma President South African Government
Jeff Radebe Minister in the Presidency South African Government
Nomvula Mokonyane Minister of Water and Sanitation South African Government
Rob Davies Minister of Trade and Industry South African Government
Aaron Motsoaledi Minister of Health South African Government
Pravin Gordhan Minister of Finance South African Government
Tina Joemat-Pettersson Minister of Energy South African Government
Ebrahim Patel Minister of Economic Development South African Government

State-run groups

Name Role Company
Lesetja Kganyago Governor South African Reserve Bank
Siyabonga Gama Acting CEO Transnet
Shulami Qalinge General Manager Transnet
Linda Masabo Chair Transnet
Sipho Maseko CEO Telkom
Jabu Mabuza Chair Telkom
Mandla Gantsho Chair Sasol
David Constable CEO Sasol
Daniel Matjila CEO Public Investment Corp.
Kingsley Makhubela CEO Brand South Africa

Finance and Investment

Name Role Company
Nicky Newton-King CEO JSE
Stephen Koseff CEO Investec
Ben Kruger Joint CEO Standard Bank
Vassi Naidoo Chair Nedbank
Mike Brown CEO Nedbank
Ralph Mupita CEO for South Africa and Emerging Markets Old Mutual
Thabo Dloti CEO Liberty Holdings
Geoffrey Qhena CEO IDC
Busi Mabuza Chair IDC
Johan Burger CEO FirstRand
Patrick Dlamini CEO Development Bank of South Africa
Jabulani Moleketi Chair Development Bank of South Africa
Stephen Coller CEO of Corporate and Investment Banking Barclays Africa
Maria Ramos CEO Barclays Africa

Business leaders

Name Role Company
Thero Setiloane CEO Business Leadership SA
Iqbal Surve Executive Chairman Sekunjalo Holdings
Anant Singh CEO Videovision Entertainment
Peter Staude CEO Tongaat Hulett
Ishmael Sunga South African Confederation of Agricultural Unions
Koos Bekker Chair Naspers
David Tudor Naspers
Nicolaas Kruger CEO MMI Holdings
Sipho Pityana Chair AngloGold Ashanti
Patrice Motsepe Chair Africa Rainbow Minerals
Jongisa Magagula Head of Investor Relations Africa Rainbow Minerals
Andies Wilkens Director Africa Rainbow Minerals
Brian Dames CEO African Rainbow Energy and Power


Name Role Company
Karima Brown General Executive Editor Independent Media
Ellis Mnyandu Editor Business Report
Bronwyn Nielsen Editor-in-Chief CNBC Africa
Alec Hogg Editor


Name Role Company
Max Price Vice Chancellor University of Cape Town
Hanli Prinsloo CEO I AM WATER Foundation
Precious Moloi-Motsepe Executive Chair Motsepe Foundation
Anton du Plessis Executive Director Institute for Security Studies

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  • Warchylde

    Here’s to hoping for high altitude mechanical failure

    • you seriously don’t mean that right

      • Warchylde

        I don’t generally mean ill towards others but a large portion of that list consists of cretins that are raping our country with a grin on their face. They would NOT be missed

        • Brian Tasker

          Here… Here… This meeting can generally be construed as a forum to work out how Corporate /Big Business /Governments, can even more effectively screw us all up the arse. It is a discussion to plan how they may implement more imposts; to totally control the population. By keeping everyone impoverished, they will institute the NWO Agenda by stealth. A bumbling idiot, such as you beloved President, is what they need to control any dissent. Can’t have a real “switch on” player running the show, can they… We all know who is really behind all this don’t we?

        • The Spark

          Love the initial comment. Took a second for it to sink in.

          I can’t say that I disagree with you. We genuinely, genuinely, GENUINELY, would be better off if the only government representative that went there was Pravin.

          The rest should rather go on a shopping trip to Zimbabwe. It would be far more educational for them.

          And they might impress someone there.

          • Warchylde

            This is true

  • Leon Paul

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  • Veldmeisie

    Oi, if only we were all so incredibly unconcerned about the value of money.

  • CharlieTango

    Why on earth would the CEO of Brand SA be attending? Maybe to mitigate JZ’s attendance and any more rubbish that he may spew. As for the Ministers of Health, Economic Development, Energy, and Water and Sanitation – they should rather stay at home and address the shortcomings in their portfolios.

  • Ryan Felton

    What do they expect to learn there when they can’t even learn from their mistakes or just learn for that matter

  • #TimeForChange


    • Neville Boardman

      Dream on who wants to form a team with this Government clowns.

  • every country will be sending their best and brightest.

    SA will be sending Zuma and his minions

    lovely stuff.

    hopefully mister standard three won’t have to read out any large numbers……

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    oh crap, the Rand will probably tank again next week when Zuma embarrasses SA once more at an international event. And not to mention the foreign exchange outflow for the expense bills for the huge delegation. I see Cyril is not part of the club so rumours that he is in the bad books with showerhead may be true.

    • Northcliff

      I didn’t notice who is the Acting President in case Zuma’s bo-maintenance plan plane drops into the Red Sea or Lake Malawi. Dudu?

  • Jack Smith

    Davos, most useless talk-shop attended by hordes of parasitic and ignorant cliché-mongers.

    Achieves nothing and it is a drain on state finances. This applies particularly to the Government participants and their syncopates who will not even understand what is being talked about!

    I suspect that most of them are going there to be BRIBED both financially and mentally.

    • Witte Boer

      Must be lots of free food there.

      • Jack Smith

        And lots of high class whores from what I heard.

  • Rob Charlton

    Communists are well represented in the government delegation.

    • Brian Tasker

      Who are the F$%^&*g Commies? Answer: they have white skin colour…

  • Anthony Bingham

    And precisely what value will President 783 add to the forum?

  • Robert Dixon

    Skip this and use the millions for drought relief – better value for money!

  • John Doe-ZA

    Its wholly incorrect to compare SA currency to the “greenback” since its not correctly referring to the dollar! A “greenback” is in fact the currency issued by Abraham Lincoln’s US govt. to finance his civil war after turning down loans from the Rothschild bankers due to excessive interest rate. He was subsequently done away with, some say, for this very reason. It’s the last time the US ever used their own sovereign currency, as you should already know, their currency is issued by a private organization, teh Federal Reserve.

  • Fudpukker

    Since when did Sasol become a state-run group????

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