Watch: Zuma’s cringe-worthy interview on Chinese television

Chinese television station CCTV interviewed president Jacob Zuma last week as part of the channel’s coverage of the G20 summit.

The president would have been less than pleased with the outcome, as he struggled to make any strong points for any country looking at South Africa as a destination for investment.

The reporter asked Zuma what he is doing to lift South Africa’s growth from 0%. Zuma said that discussions took place at the G20 summit relating to how to boost the economy.

The president said that the proposals coming from China were very clear – ‘that we need to look at innovation as a critical driver of economic growth, and you must have inclusive economic growth’.

He said that investors are hestitant due to the ‘sluggish’ economy.

What can you do? The reporter asked, to bring get South Africa’s economy on track?

“We have got a plan”, Zuma said, pointing to the National Development Plan. He said whatever the country takes from China, it helps towards the Development Plan.

President Jacob Zuma says it is important for the leading political party to address its current challenges, but welcomed the new form of democracy which involves coalitions.

“The party must understand what is happening, and it must say what do we do to deal with this.

“Democracy has matured…people generally are beginning to make choices,” Zuma said.

“There has been an introduction of a new element of coalitions because there is no one party could rule without talking to small parties. That is a new kind of politics,” he said.

When asked what that means for what used to be the major party – the ANC, Zuma said: “It means its reached a point where the democracy is now taking another kind of turn. The ANC then has to say, how do we handle this situation as a big party in the question of coalitions.

“We must now begin to plan and factor in the issue of coalitions when we go for elections. And this is the maturing of democracy.”

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Watch: Zuma’s cringe-worthy interview on Chinese television