How much Ramaphosa, ministers and other government officials could earn this year

The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers has gazetted its recommended salary increases for South Africa’s government officials.

The commission is mandated to make annual recommendations relating to the salaries, allowances, benefits, and other resources required by some public office bearers to enable them to perform their respective duties effectively.

The recommendations are based on consultations with the minister of finance, the minister of Justice, the chief justice and Lower Courts Remuneration Committee, and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

According to the gazette, the commission has taken into account the financial situation in the country, and has thus kept its recommended increases below inflation.

Specifically, it is recommending increases of only 3% for office bearers who earn above R1.5 million, and 4% for those earning below that.

This would see ministers earning R2.47 million a year, with deputy ministers at R2.04 million. Members of the National Assembly (and their NCOP counterparts) would take home R1.15 million.

A recommendation for president Cyril Ramaphosa is also included – at R3.08 million – however this is a determination to be made by parliament, as the president cannot set his own salary.

Opposition leaders are also set for a healthy payday, with main opposition leader (currently held by the DA’s John Steenhuisen) set for R1.65 million, and leaders of minority parties, like the EFF’s Julius Malema, on for R1.36 million.

While these recommendations are highly persuasive  – and often implemented – the official salaries will only be officially determined and signed off by the Presidency at a later date.

In his 2019 Budget Speech, finance minister Tito Mboweni indicated that the public wage bill is unsustainable and emphasised that the national and provincial budgets will be reduced by R27 billion over the next three years.

To reduce the expenditure on remuneration, he indicated that members of Parliament, provincial legislatures and executives at public entities will not receive a salary increase during 2019/2020 financial year.

This cost-cutting has influenced the commissions’ recommendations, with a number of government officials receiving no increase or increase in-line with inflation.

The commissions’ recommendations are outlined below.

President, Deputy president, Ministers and Deputy Ministers

Position Total remuneration
President R3 079 540*
Deputy President R2 910 234
Minister R2 473 682
Deputy Minister R2 037 129

* pending Parliamentary approval

Members of the National Assembly and Delegates to the National Council of Provinces

Position Total remuneration
Speaker: National Assembly R2 910 234
Chairperson: NCOP R2 910 234
Deputy Speaker: National Assembly R2 037 129
Deputy Chairperson: NCOP R2 037 129
House Chairperson R1 938 963
Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 648 481
Chief Whip: NCOP R1 648 481
Parliamentary Council: President R1 648 481
Parliamentary Council: Deputy President R1 648 481
Leader of Opposition R1 648 481
Chairperson of a Committee R1 513 216
Deputy Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 361 946
Chief Whip: Largest Minority Party R1 361 946
Leader of a Minority Party R1 361 946
Whip R1 263 818
Member: National Assembly R1 151 218
Permanent Delegate: NCOP R1 151 218

Premiers, Executive Councils and Provincial Legislatures

Position Total remuneration
Premier R2 328 221
Member of Executive Council R2 037 129
Speaker R2 037 129
Deputy Speaker R1 648 481
Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 513 216
Chairperson of Committees R1 361 949
Leader of Opposition R1 361 949
Chairperson of a Committee R1 361 949
Deputy Chairperson of Committees R1 281 353
Deputy Chief Whip: Majority Party R1 281 353
Chief Whip: Largest Minority Party R1 281 353
Leader of a Minority Party R1 281 353
Parliamentary Counsellor to a King/Queen R1 151 218
Whip R1 151 218
Member of Provincial Legislature R1 114 205

Local Government

Position Total remuneration
Executive Mayor R1 384 007
Mayor R1 384 007
Deputy Executive Mayor R1 117 749
Speaker/Chairperson R1 117 749
Deputy Mayor R1 117 749
Member of Executive Council R1 052 904
Member of Mayoral Committee R1 052 904
Chairperson of Sub-council R1 052 904
Whip R1 052 904
Municipal Councillor R610 213


Position Total remuneration
Chief Justice R2 982 990
Deputy Chief Justice R2 684 621
President: Supreme Court of Appeal R2 684 621
Deputy President: Supreme Court of Appeal R2 535 524
Judge: Constitutional Court R2 386 427
Judge: Supreme Court of Appeal R2 386 427
Judge President: High/Labour Court R2 237 330
Deputy Judge President: High/Labour Court R2 088 058
Judge: High/Labour Court R1 938 961


Position Total remuneration
Special Grade Chief Magistrate R1 494 389
Regional Court President R1 494 389
Regional Magistrate R1 340 866
Chief Magistrate R1 340 866
Senior Magistrate R1 111 447
Magistrate R1 010 515


Position Total remuneration
King/Queen R1 254 393
Senior Traditional Leaders R267 091
Auditor General R5 233 022
Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission R2 498 817
Public Protector R2 386 427
Chairperson of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa R1 937 158

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