RTMC says it has the best online service for renewing vehicle licences in South Africa

 ·4 Jul 2023

To avoid paying an administration fees to renew a vehicle licence disc online, motorists can make use of the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) online service.

The only fee charged is the R99 courier fee, which other online service providers also charge. 

“The R72 transaction fee, which has been referred to, is a legislated fee, which is not limited only to services offered by the RTMC. This fee is payable whether you use other online platforms, or as a walk in at the licensing office or post office,” RTMC said on Tuesday.

With more than 50,000 transactions conducted monthly, the RTMC said the online service for the renewal of vehicle licence discs is growing in popularity, as it is quick, easy, convenient and affordable.

The RTMC online platform is available nationally – not limited to major centres – and is the only official online service where vehicle owners are able to transact directly on the electronic National Administration Traffic Information System (NaTIS).

This means when a vehicle owner receives confirmation that the transaction is successful, NaTIS is updated immediately without the use of expensive third parties. The licence disc is delivered anywhere in the country within three to five working days.

The added benefit of using the RTMC system is that motor vehicle owners can view the status of all vehicles registered under their name. Information on the status for vehicles that are due for renewal or have expired licence discs is also available.

The system can warn the owner of any adverse indicators, such as an existing enforcement order, an administration mark, other unlicensed vehicles, roadworthy requirements, or police clearance, which may result in the owner receiving a licence receipt with no disc (MVLX certificate).

The platform also includes a dashboard where motorists can check the status of their driving licence application, as updated by the driving licence testing centre where they applied.

Motor vehicles crashes, which do not involve an injury or fatality, can also be reported on the platform for insurance purposes. This information is available for all provinces.

Other services available on the portal include online booking for renewal of driving licence cards, booking for learner’s licence and driving licence tests, and application for professional driving permits.

These services are currently limited to Gauteng, Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality and Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

All the services are available at online.natis.gov.za and motorists who wish to conduct financial transactions on the platform are advised to contact their banks to activate ‘3D-Secure’ on their bank cards.

3D-Secure is a requirement and it protects both the owner and the State from fraudulent transactions.

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