5 important things happening in South Africa today

 ·10 May 2024

Here’s what is happening in and affecting South Africa today:

  • Private power’s surge: Presidency’s Rudi Dicks announced that South Africa is poised to significantly boost its renewable energy capacity within the next three years, thanks to corporate initiatives. These plans are set to deliver 22GW of new private solar and wind energy, with an expected surge from 4,000MW in 2024 to 8,600MW by 2026. This expansion was bolstered by last year’s unexpected rise in rooftop solar installations of 2,600MW. [Business Day]

  • Opposition question ANC’s Zanu-PF request: Opposition parties have expressed concern over reports that the ANC has asked Zanu-PF for assistance with its elections campaign, citing the Zimbabwean ruling party’s controversial electoral record. The Herald reported that Zanu-PF said that it had “been invited by [its] colleagues in the ANC to be part of their mobilisation process in the last few days of campaigning”. [Daily Maverick]

  • BELA bill stalls: The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) was on Thursday forced to defer its adoption of the BELA BILL after an administrative blunder. The Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Cathlene Labuschagne said the report that was published did not include the amendments, thus the correct report was not published. The bill, which was anticipated to be passed by the NCOP, has now been deferred to the next sitting. [EWN]

  • George building collapse death toll rises: The George Municipality Disaster Risk has confirmed that a patient in the hospital passed away on Friday morning, bringing the total number of deaths to 9. There are still 44 people who remain unaccounted for. The municipality has reported that “big earth-moving machinery” arrived on-site on Thursday night to help remove rubble and gain access to the victims. [News24]

  • Markets: On Friday (10 May), the rand was trading at R18.51 to the dollar, R23.09 to the pound, and R19.88 to the euro. Oil is trading at $84.38 a barrel. [Reuters]
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