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Get high-speed ADSL data now and only start paying in February

Vox Telecom is offering premium, unshaped, high-speed ADSL data from R99 per month for 100 GB – and you only need to start paying in February 2017.

Fat Pipe from Vox Telecom is data designed to allow consumers the best possible experience at an affordable price on either ADSL or high-speed VDSL connections.

The advantage of the Fat Pipe Data bundles is that all unused data rolls over to the following month indefinitely and doesn’t expire while you are subscribed to Fat Pipe.

The maximum limit of unused (roll over) data is equal to six (6) times your current monthly cap. Top-up options are also available at  R5/GB.

Fat Pipe is available on all line speeds and offers online data account management. All packages are month to month subscriptions.

Vox Telecom Fat Pipe Data packages:

Package Data Price
Fat Pipe 100 GB R99 pm
Fat Pipe 200 GB R199 pm
Fat Pipe 300 GB R299 pm
Fat Pipe 400 GB R399 pm
Fat Pipe 500 GB R499 pm
Fat Pipe 600 GB R599 pm
Fat Pipe 800 GB R799 pm
Fat Pipe 1 TB R999 pm

For more information, visit the Vox Telecom website.

This article was published in partnership with Vox Telecom.

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