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How to avoid a security data breach with Altron Bytes Systems Integration

Cyber Security threats and data breaches are real, which is why it is essential that establishments provide their guests with a transparent and all-inclusive digital policy.

In order to deliver on a customer experience strategy that supports your business goals, it is essential to ensure that your guest’s information is secure and that they, the guest, are confident that you can deliver on a data protection promise.

Any breach of data security is serious and can have severe consequences not only in terms of the loss of revenue, but also for the business’s reputation and customer loyalty. It goes without saying that no guest wants to risk their personal information and its safety.

Data security is the protection of data from being accessed, stolen, or damaged by third parties who do not have permission to utilise this information for any reason – cyber-attacks and data breaches can have a serious and negative impact for your brand, especially where small establishments are concerned, who may not have the means to recover financially.

Gaining customer insights and providing guests with personalised and value-added services are recognised in the hospitality industry as core business goals. Every establishment (no matter how big or small) must take a holistic view of the value chain and where cyber security and privacy exposures could be identified and addressed.

If you, as an establishment, can assure your guests of their data’s security, you will build stronger relationships, optimise your operations and increase revenue opportunities through a value-added relationship with your guests.

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How to avoid a security data breach with Altron Bytes Systems Integration