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Get uncapped fibre for as little as R395!

Everyone knows that fibre is cheaper than ADSL, it isn’t exactly a secret. But with RSAWEB you’re not only paying less than you would for the same speed on ADSL, you’re also paying less than you would with any other ISP.

That’s right! RSAWEB will get you connected with 10Mbps uncapped Openserve fibre for only R395!

The price may be low, but the value definitely isn’t. Despite being under R400 a month, you still get all the added benefits that come with being an RSAWEB fibre customer.

These perks include a free premium WiFi router, free LTE SIM card with 1 GB of free data each month, free connection and/or installation, free one-hour onsite support and up to R2,500 off when your referrals get connected giving you a total of up to R4,500 in savings.

With RSAWEB fibre you’ll find a package that suites your pocket or needs. Whether you love gaming, work from home, download and backup files, or streaming – we have various data, speed and payment options available.

Not only will you get huge savings on great connectivity, you’ll also experience some of the best customer service in the industry!

RSAWEB has a Google rating of 4.3 and for good reason; RSAWEB is available via Twitter, Facebook Messenger, phone, email and live chat.

Check your address now to see if you’re covered by Openserve and grab this deal! Hurry though, it’s only valid until 31 December 2019, so get your order in!

This offer only applies to new sign ups.

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Get uncapped fibre for as little as R395!