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iOCO – Bridging the old and the new

As companies evolve and technology advances, a gap between legacy systems and future opportunities is formed.

This gap needs to be monitored and addressed with a digital-first mindset, and for South African companies iOCO – the ICT services division of EOH Holdings – is the premier partner to help them along this digital journey.

iOCO is Africa’s largest systems integrator and operates as an open digital integrator and problem solver. It is also home to the largest concentration of ICT skills on the African continent – making it a “one-stop-shop” for businesses.

“We have the modern toolbox and diversity of skills necessary to make competitive advantage and business functionality happen for our clients and their customers by creating interconnected ecosystems that bridge the gap between past problems and future goals,” said Simon Just, Cluster Executive Advisory, Clients and Solutions.

Digital evolution

iOCO’s vast experience in the ICT sector has allowed it to develop systems and processes which ensure companies do not fall behind software and hardware trends.

It also prioritizes a software-first approach when assisting businesses to solve problems and deliver sustainable solutions. “The most nimble, agile and competitive businesses today are building modern app development life cycles, driven by a DevOps,” said Just. This makes every modern company a “software company”, in essence.

The use of open source solutions is another driving force behind iOCO and its clients’ success, and is the cornerstone of its development of high-end business applications.

Solutions first

It is important to note, however, that while iOCO will use the latest technologies and software to drive a business forward, its goal is not to throw out “old” systems en masse.

iOCO’s focus is on providing a company with sustainable solutions, and this includes the leveraging of existing legacy systems and investments while implementing new and innovative tools.

“At iOCO, we provide digital solutions for problems with an outside-in approach. This is key to driving successful optimisation of business, services, and products,” said Just.

To learn more about how iOCO can help your business, visit the iOCO website.

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iOCO – Bridging the old and the new