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Apple School and Business Manager – What you need to know

Apple’s two deployment programmes, Device Enrollment Programme (DEP) and Volume Purchase Programme (VPP), will soon be replaced by Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager.

The deployment programmes, which enable institutions and organisations to bulk buy and deploy apps to their staff’s devices, as well as deploy institutionally owned Mac and iPad devices wirelessly, will no longer be available as stand-alone programs from December 2019.

If an organisation enrolled in Apple Deployment Programmes on or after 26 February 2014, they will need to upgrade to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager to make use of the deployment capability.

“DEP and VPP have been seamlessly integrated into Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, bringing together everything needed to safely deploy iOS devices, MacBook, and Apple TV in your organisation,” says Alan Goldberg, Education Director at Digicape, Apple Premium Reseller.

Goldberg discusses what organisations need to know about Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager:

Apple School Manager (ASM) is a portal which – along with Mobile Device Management (MDM) assists administrators in deploying iPad and Mac in an education environment. The portal allows administrators to set up multiple devices, purchase and deploy apps and content, and access Apple services.

ASM has also streamlined the management of iPad in education, through offering a ‘Shared iPad’ feature. This allows students to automatically save their settings, app data and preferences when they sign out, creating an individualised experience even when accessing a shared device – yet keeping personal data secure.

“Once the administrator has set up your managed Apple ID, students and educators can access the full suite of Apple services, including 200GB of free iCloud Storage and the ability to collaborate in a number of apps, including Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

And through apps designed specifically for iPad such as Classroom and Schoolwork, educators can easily manage student workflow, assign tasks and receive assignments, creating a streamlined learning environment.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is an intuitive portal for IT teams that make it easy to enroll devices, deploy content, and delegate administrative privileges. All of these features are packed into an easy-to-navigate platform.

“Similar to Apple School Manager, organisations can enroll devices so they can be set up automatically. This allows the administrator to purchase and deploy apps in bulk, manage licences for users, delegate admin privileges and manage content across locations.”

As a business with two of only three Apple Certified Trainers (ACT) in the country equipped to deliver the Apple Deployment courses, Digicape can assist businesses and educational institutions in upgrading their current programs, as well as help them devise and execute a safe and secure deployment strategy tailored to their unique needs.

“We can guide organisations in deciding which configurations are best suited to each level of user and data type – safeguarding data while still allowing the user agency – and then show them how to deploy these configurations at scale,” concludes Goldberg.

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Apple School and Business Manager – What you need to know