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Why gamers choose to play solo in multiplayer games

Thanks to the advancements in both hardware technology as well as the philosophy of game design, gaming has seen a quantum leap from 8-bit pixels to fully-fledged immersion that broaches closer on resembling reality with each passing year.

The games themselves haven’t been the only thing to evolve – the way that we play them has evolved right alongside them.

Players can now engage in multiplayer games over the internet, a far cry from the restriction of needing everyone to be in the same room.

Overall, gaming has become much more of a social experience, but there will always be players who choose to go it alone, even when it seems most illogical to do so.

GameMine has some thoughts on the reasons behind why some players choose to play solo in multiplayer games.

The way things used to be

In a world saturated with multiplayer games and an endless array of socially-oriented game mechanics, it’s easy to forget that mere decades ago multiplayer was refined to a fraction of the degree it is today.

Back then, gaming was first and foremost a single-player experience, and even when online multiplayer first took off, the paradigm shift in gaming culture didn’t occur overnight.

For many players, what this translates to is simply the fact that playing solo is simply what they are accustomed to doing, regardless of the game or game mode.

What can be just a hobby for some players is to others an entire inner world, often experienced in privacy.

At the end of the day, forming a party and communicating via headset are still optional, not mandatory, and this suits these more traditional players just fine.

Personal preferences

Beyond the personal preference to play games the way they used to be played, there are many others which can affect whether or not a player chooses to play a multiplayer game solo.

Everyone is an individual, and this means that their favorite genres are just as individualized. Everyone likes what they like, and the diversity should be welcomed just as in any other venue.

What this means though, is that some players might take to a particular game or genre which is more or less exclusively a multiplayer experience.

If a player prefers MMO shooters for example, it isn’t their fault if the vast majority of games in those genres heavily focus on multiplayer nowadays; rather, they are just having the game experience they prefer.

After all, liking a particular type of gameplay doesn’t necessarily mean that one prefers it in a social setting.

A greater challenge

The last reason on this list as to why there are solo players in online multiplayer games is more unusual, but it is a valid and quite common one, nonetheless.

According to GameMine, in many multiplayer games, communication is a significant contributing factor towards victory, being arguably as important as a skill itself.

In a game where one team is all communicating with one another and one is not, there is a significantly higher chance that the former will come out on top.

For some players, it isn’t that they wish to have a more private experience or avoid social interaction altogether.

Instead, for them it is about the challenge of playing alone.

Whether they want to improve their skills or simply experience the thrill of victory with the odds stacked against them, they remain alone because they find enjoyment in the challenge.

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Why gamers choose to play solo in multiplayer games