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Fixed Long-Term Evolution

Did you know that FLTE stands for Fixed Long-Term Evolution or fixed wireless broadband and this is the way of connecting to the internet using radio signals rather than cables.

Think about whether the pavements in your areas have been ripped up and are sporting brightly coloured demarcation tape – if you’re lucky (or maybe unlucky for some) to have had this happen in your area, chances are that fibre is available for homes to connect to.

If not, then you don’t have fibre and FLTE (or the imminent access to Supersonic’s Air Fibre) is your best alternative for super-fast internet connectivity.

The connection is fixed to a device (or modem) in your home and signal comes from the closest transmission tower (also called ground stations).

Supersonic currently run their FLTE service off the MTN 4G ground stations that cover 95% of South Africa.

Choose one of the available home broadband plans based on how much data is included by following this link.

If you are looking to connect your home or office with faster, simpler and more affordable internet – check your speed and sign up now.

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Fixed Long-Term Evolution