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CallApp – The ultimate tool against scammers

Vishing remains one of the most common scamming methods, which is why you should install CallApp on your smartphone.

Vishing refers to scams where a malicious party calls you pretending to be someone they’re not in an attempt to get you to share personal information – such as your banking details.

These scammers usually leverage social engineering techniques to convince you that they are legitimate, and this makes you feel comfortable enough to share your information with them.

Common strategies include convincing you that you have been hacked, pretending to be law enforcement, or pretending to be from your bank.

These scammers will often have pieces of information about you, too, such as your name, which bank you use, and when you were born – which can lull you into a false sense of security.

How CallApp helps

Thankfully, CallApp makes it easy to identify scammers through its innovative Caller ID technology – which is the most advanced of its kind.

CallApp has an ever-growing database of 3 billion phone numbers and provides a built-in service that makes it easy for users to note which of these numbers are spammers, telemarketers, or scammers.

This feedback is then used to inform other users if they are called by these numbers.

If you use CallApp, you will be informed if a scammer is calling you before you even pick up the phone – allowing you to protect yourself.

CallApp can even verify numbers against Caller ID spoofing – meaning you won’t get blindsided by spammers who try to hide their real phone number from you.

Call Blocker

CallApp also offers a call blocker feature that makes it easy to instantly block numbers – whether they are scammers, or just annoying telemarketers.

The app lets you automatically block all Common Spammers – which is a group that refers to all numbers that have been marked as spam callers within CallApp’s directory.

You can also block all calls from private or hidden numbers instantly, as these numbers are often used by spammers and scammers to dodge the filters of apps like CallApp.

Additionally, CallApp lets you block individual numbers manually and lets you choose between automatically hanging up on blocked numbers or letting them ring in silence.

Download CallApp today

CallApp offers all these anti-scam features and more – including a call recorder, an advanced contact book, and backup functionality – and is available for free on Android smartphones.

It is also a customisation and productivity tool that will save you and your employers time and money by avoiding scams and time-consuming telemarketing calls.

Download CallApp today and protect yourself from unwanted callers and scams.

Click here to download CallApp for free.

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CallApp – The ultimate tool against scammers