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Apple MacBooks – Unmatched business compatibility

We previously highlighted that businesses are moving their workforces over to Mac at an increasing rate.

A key reason for this is they are realising how compatible Apple MacBooks are with their business needs.

Our iStore Business clients often highlight that MacBooks have improved their operations, and we look at these benefits below.

Unrivalled performance

Apple MacBooks are powered by the unmatched M1 chip, which is up to 3.5x faster than the previous chips used in MacBooks.

Business users love how easy it is to perform intensive tasks with a MacBook – no matter what their roles in the company are.

These laptops also offer exceptional battery life. For example: you can get up to 18 hours of use out of a single MacBook Air charge.

This superior battery life lets your teams work from anywhere for longer than ever before.

Seamless integration

Prospective clients are always blown away by how compatible MacBooks are with the applications their businesses currently use.

This includes compatibility with common tools such as those available through Office 365, Azure, and AWS – as well as many other tech services from respected names like Cisco, Acronis, and VMware.

MacBooks are also compatible with Windows-based backends and applications, which means they can support the apps your current PC runs.

When this compatibility is combined with Apple-exclusive tools like Numbers and Keynote, our clients find that MacBooks not only integrate with their current systems – they improve them significantly.

Additionally, businesses appreciate that MacBooks are the most secure laptops on the planet. This is thanks to built-in features like hardware-verified secure boot, on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID, and Gatekeeper.

It should therefore be no surprise that 84% of the world’s most innovative companies – such as Salesforce, SAP, and Target – deploy Mac at scale.

Superior support

Our clients always tell us that MacBooks are far easier to manage than alternative PCs and laptops.

In fact, we conducted a client study in 2021 which found that MacBooks could be provisioned three-times faster and incurred about a third of the support tickets of PCs.

Added to this is that a single IT professional could manage over three times the number of Macs than they could a PC.

iStore Business offers 90-day free technical support and a comprehensive Apple Readiness service, too, which will help determine the best way forward for implementing Apple products into your business.

Choose MacBook

It is clear to see why your business should equip its workforce with Apple MacBooks.

In our next article, we will be breaking down another reason that you should switch to Mac – they are far more affordable than their competitors when you take into account the total cost of ownership.

Stay on MyBroadband for the next article, or click here to learn more about iStore Business’s MacBook solutions.

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Apple MacBooks – Unmatched business compatibility