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FNB is named the Best SME Bank in South Africa for the 2nd consecutive year

 ·16 Jan 2023

FNB has been awarded the Best SME Bank in South Africa for the 2nd consecutive year at Global Finance’s SME Bank Awards.

The Awards acknowledge the accomplishments of financial institutions and fintech businesses in offering exceptional goods and services to their SME clients, thereby helping them reach the next level.

Jacques Celliers, FNB CEO, says, “Through a transition that started with a move from analogue-to-digital and is now digital-to-platform, our strategy has always been to help SMEs start, run, and grow their businesses. In addition to assisting businesses with their transactional, lending, insurance, and investment activities, we have broadened our assistance in non-financial areas.”

“On our platform, we also offer solutions such as business registration assistance, free accounting services for businesses that are frequently unable to access such services, and access to business toolkits, financial solutions, and educational content to support entrepreneurs during incubation.”

“For years, we’ve also been facilitating seminars in local communities to listen to and provide contextual solutions to formal and informal SMEs in local markets across the country,” explains Celliers.

SMEs can also make use of the convenient and cost-effective Law on Call Business solution, which helps them manage a range of issues, including contractual and labour disputes and court representation, among others.

Law on Call Business provides excellent value for money to early-stage businesses.

“We are intensely focused on expediting the rollout of our innovations in the SME market. Importantly, we want to help entrepreneurs minimise inefficiencies so they can focus on running profitable enterprises.”

“One of the most important aspects of this is ensuring that businesses have easy ways to pay and get paid, since cash flow is the lifeblood of every business.”

“We recently announced the introduction of an enhanced and streamlined selection of payment options for customers, including the SpeedeeApp.”

“Without the need for a separate point-of-sale device, the app enables merchants to accept contactless payments easily and safely on their Android smartphones.”

“We’re extremely grateful to be a trustworthy partner to entrepreneurs and businesses in our markets. Furthermore, we’re particularly humbled to once again be recognised as the Best SME Bank by Global Finance,” Celliers concludes.

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