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Anglowealth’s remarkable decade of ethical investing blazes a trail in South Africa

 ·30 Nov 2023

In the heart of South Africa’s bustling financial landscape, Anglowealth stands tall as a beacon of integrity, innovation, and exceptional returns.

For over a decade, Anglowealth has not only achieved remarkable financial milestones but has also pioneered ethical investment practices, setting new standards in the industry.

With a steadfast commitment to Shariah-compliant investing, Anglowealth has emerged as a powerhouse, demonstrating the immense potential of ethical investments in South Africa and beyond.

Anglowealth has paid out over R358,345,807 to shareholders in the last decade.

Leading the way in Shariah-compliant investing

At the core of Anglowealth’s success lies a commitment to ethical finance and investing.

In this regard, Anglowealth is not just a leader; it is a trailblazer in Shariah-compliant investing.

By adhering to the principles of Shariah Law, Anglowealth has meticulously crafted a diverse array of funds and portfolios which include:

  • Petroleum.
  • Diesel and oil trade.
  • Fuel-filling petrol stations.
  • Rental and leasing of high-value sports and luxury vehicles.
  • Granting of trade and asset finance.
  • Trading halaal commodities and high-value assets.
  • The supply and processing of coal.

These investments are structured in accordance with the teachings of Shariah Law, but it is important for prospective investors to note that they are not limited to the Islamic market.

Rather, any investor who wants to invest ethically will benefit from this trailblazing investment opportunity.

Accordingly, Anglowealth encourages all investors to learn more about this diverse, effective offering.

Anglowealth’s dedication to ethical finance not only reflects its integrity but also underscores its responsibility towards shareholders and society.

These ethical investments do not compromise on performance, either, as shareholders have been receiving a fixed return of up to 17% per annum since the inception of Anglowealth’s Shariah-compliant investment products.

The 10-year return for shareholders has been in excess of 140% over the period of the investment, and a big reason for this is that the capital and products are purposefully structured with physical underlying tangible assets as securities.

Impressive leadership

Moulana Shoayb Joosub, Director and CEO of Anglowealth, has successfully led the organisation’s ethical investing strategy over the last decade.

Joosub was perfect for the job, boasting a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience in the financial sector – including at various asset management companies and financial service providers like Albarakah Bank, FNB, and Absa/Barclays.

He is also deeply qualified to lead a project focused on Shariah-compliant investing, as he boasts the following qualifications:

  • Graduated as a Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor by the AAOIFI (Bahrain).
  • Graduated as Certified Islamic Professional Accountant by the AAOIFI (Bahrain) (AAOIFI Certified Islamic Professional Accountant -Member: CIPA0109046).
  • Graduated with a BCom degree from Unisa in Applied Accounting and Auditing.
  • Completed an extensive course in the Islamic judiciary system and completed the training programme as an Islamic Judge in Bihar & Riyadh.
  • Completed a comprehensive course in Islamic studies (7 year- Aalim Course) at Darul Uloom Zakariyya.
  • Provided Islamic banking training to University of Chicago and Gibbs and Islamic Universities nationally and internationally.

Joosub is a key reason behind the success of Anglowealth’s Shariah-compliant investing products, and will ensure clients continue benefiting from this trailblazing ethical investing offering.

Shedding light on the future of ethical investments

By pioneering Shariah-compliant investments, Anglowealth has not only provided consistent and superior returns for its shareholders, but has also illuminated a path for the entire industry where ethics and returns can be prioritised simultaneously.

Through its success, Anglowealth has showcased the immense benefits of ethical investments, sparking a paradigm shift in how shareholders perceive financial opportunities.

In doing so, Anglowealth has not only carved a niche for itself but has also contributed significantly to an emerging market that has the potential to drive the future of ethical investments in South Africa.

Furthermore, Anglowealth is proud to have redefined the investment sector by forcing legacy investment companies to up their game – prioritising ethics without requiring clients to forgo returns.

Stability amidst market volatility: A unique offering

Anglowealth’s trailblazing extends beyond ethical investments and to its innovative approach to investing in general.

Unlike conventional investment platforms, Anglowealth’s products do not dance to the volatile tunes of the market.

Instead, Anglowealth makes its investment choices based on data and facts alone – prioritising stability and common sense over the whimsical trend-following that has long been the cause of volatility within the investment sector.

This resilience against market trends is a defining factor that establishes Anglowealth as an industry powerhouse that regularly outperforms all competitors by significant margins.

The absence of market volatility in Anglowealth’s offerings ensures that shareholders experience stability and consistency in terms of their returns – even in the face of turbulent market conditions.

A decade of achievements: 2013 to present

Anglowealth’s journey to becoming an ethical investment leader has been 10 years in the making. Here is how it happened:

2013-2015: Laying the foundations of ethical finance

  • Anglowealth pioneers Shariah-compliant investment products, setting the stage for a new era in ethical finance.
  • The diversity of funds crafted in accordance with Shariah Law establishes Anglowealth as a leader in ethical investments.

2016-2018: Strengthening ethical investment practices

  • Anglowealth expands its portfolio, diversifying its offerings significantly while continuing to adhere strictly to Shariah Law.
  • Shareholders experience improved stability and consistent returns, showcasing the potential of Shariah-compliant investments.

2019-2021: Shaping the future of ethical finance

  • Anglowealth’s success in ethical investments gains widespread recognition, and attracts many new, socially-conscious shareholders.
  • The consistent returns of its ethical investments portfolios outperform most conventional investment platforms, highlighting the financial viability of ethical investments.

2022-Present: Illuminating the path forward

  • Anglowealth’s success becomes a beacon of hope for ethical investments, driving awareness and innovation in the industry.
  • The emerging market of ethical investments in South Africa gains momentum, with Anglowealth leading the way in shaping a financially prosperous and morally responsible future.

A vision of ethical prosperity

As Anglowealth looks ahead, its vision is clear: to continue leading the charge in ethical investments, offering stability, consistency, and superior returns to its ethically-conscious shareholders.

Anglowealth’s legacy is not just a testament to its financial acumen but also to its dedication to ethical principles – as well as showing that ethics and returns aren’t mutually exclusive.

This is a critical legacy in South Africa, where a complex history necessitates extraordinary financial strategies to grow the nation’s economy without denigrating social cohesion.

Furthermore, with an unwavering commitment to the teachings of Shariah Law, Anglowealth is poised to illuminate the path toward a future where ethical investments drive financial prosperity, social responsibility, and lasting change in South Africa.

Anglowealth’s decade of remarkable investment returns and its leadership in Shariah-compliant investing are not just achievements; they are a testament to the power of ethical finance to shape a better, more responsible future for shareholders and society.

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