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4 expenses you love to hate – and why you should pay them

Some of the things you most hate spending money on are the expenses that make your life better and give you peace of mind.

Whether it is bank charges or insurance fees, we all have those bills that we know we have to pay, even though we may not particularly want to.

Because these services and products don’t have tangible, immediate advantages, it’s often difficult to keep in mind why paying them is beneficial.

Here are four expenses that South Africans may love to hate (with the reasons as to why investing in these expenses is actually a pretty good idea):


Before you even receive your payslip, your first deduction has most likely already been made – taxes.

Whether it’s income tax, value-added tax (VAT), transfer duties, customs, or any other kind of tax, you probably hate paying it.

Yet tax is government’s main source of income, and it keeps the country running.

Your taxes pay for social services like transport, education, international security, national security, healthcare and welfare.

Taxes put out fires, provide children with education, provide families with health care, ensure our water is safe, keep the street lights on, and so much more.

Bank charges

Banks provide an important service, and in many ways they make our lives easier, but they don’t do it for free.

Without the services that banks provide, we’d have to save money under our mattresses, pay for things in person and only in cash, and borrow money from our friends and family.

You may feel like your bank is ripping you off, but you can easily accumulate unnecessary costs if you’re not sure what the different services you use cost.

So rather than just grimacing when you see your bank statement and tossing it aside, make sure you’re clear on where you incurred the charges and how you could save money in future.

Medical aid

Medical aid is an expensive item, and one of those necessities that you might not think you need, especially if you are young and healthy.

It’s tempting to think that you could just “make a plan” if you get sick, but rising medical costs and the increased risk of dread diseases have made medical cover a necessity.

Dreaded diseases include cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and certain cancers, and they develop quickly – even in seemingly young and healthy people.

Having the right cover will save you money in the long run and prevent you from becoming financially crippled by an unexpected health crisis.


Insurance is seen as a “grudge purchase” due to its intangible benefit, since what you’re actually buying is peace of mind.

Having insurance is a way of managing risks, allowing you to transfer the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company in exchange for a fee.

This helps you to protect your home, car and possessions, secure your business assets, maintain your standard of living in the event of disability and critical illness, and provide for your family even after you die.

Insurers like Dialdirect offer extensive ranges of vehicle, home, buildings, business, portable possessions, and life insurance products designed to give you peace of mind.

When you insure with Dialdirect you can build and manage your customised insurance entirely online with their full online self-service, anytime of the day. They also include a Cash Back Bonus, a lifetime guarantee on vehicle repairs, and same day turnaround on express claims at a competitive price.

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4 expenses you love to hate – and why you should pay them