Business Talk – Konica Minolta SA CEO Marc Pillay on the evolution of South Africa’s printing industry

 ·8 Nov 2023

In this Business Talk with Michael Avery interview, Marc Pillay – CEO of Konica Minolta South Africa – unpacks how the company has become a household name in the South African printing industry.

Pillay has been the CEO of Konica Minolta South Africa for over five years and under his guidance, Konica Minolta has rapidly grown and expanded its extensive range of solutions in the country.

Pillay has also ensured the 150-year-old company remains relevant and effective in not only a rapidly-changing printing industry, but in the overall evolving business environment.


In the interview, Pillay explains how Konica Minolta has cemented its place as a household printing brand in South Africa.

He then unpacks his career with Konica Minolta and how the company has evolved under his leadership.

Pillay shares his thoughts on how the company has dealt with major challenges in the market, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and how Konica Minolta has adapted to thrive in a post-pandemic business world.  

He concludes the interview by sharing his outlook for the company in the coming years and why he’s positive about Konica Minolta’s future in South Africa.

Watch the interview with Konica Minolta CEO Marc Pillay below.

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